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Sony helping to unify console biz, says Ready at Dawn boss

"It's been a very segmented industry and I truly feel like Sony and PlayStation actually are finally bringing... I know they're not going to solve every problem in the world, but they're bringing people together. And I don't just mean the player; they're bringing us, as developers, from different genres and from different places, to the common goal of trying to create good entertainment," Ru Weerasuriya said. (Industry, PS4, Ready At Dawn, Sony)

GuruStarr78  +   368d ago
Wow.. I'd really like to see some Vita games from Ready at Dawn.... they were such pioneers of PSP software..
BattleAxe  +   368d ago
I'd like to see Sony buy this company. Both God of War games that they made were high quality. With Ready at Dawn and Sony Bend, Sony would have the two best portable developers in the business. They also did a fantastic job with the God of War Origins Collection for PS3.
panbit86  +   368d ago
I am so excited for this studio's new ip!!!
abzdine  +   368d ago
it's gonna be a big game! I played the God of War on PSP and Daxter they are all amazing so no doubt those guys know what they are doing.
i hope they have something to show at E3
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Sevir  +   368d ago
Considering the relationship they have with Sony
I'm thoroughly looking forward to the Team of Ex-Naughty Dog Developer's new IP and I hope that Sony is publishing the title while RAD gets to own the IP! I feel these guys are going to have a stand out title, they've been working on this Next Gen Ip since 2009.
miyamoto  +   368d ago
I hope PS4 will be the next generation Savior Hero of video gaming industry.
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DigitalRaptor  +   368d ago
I've been waiting for Ready At Dawn's new IP for years. I hope it's something special, as these guys have the talent to pull off a winner.
Captain Tuttle  +   367d ago
Sony makes a PC like console for the first time and they're heralded as saviors. Sure it's important but only because Sony was dragged kicking and screaming to this point. Kudos to Kaz for focusing on the developers rather than the engineers, a real cultural shift for the company. That couldn't have been easy to pull off and he did it.

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