IGN spends 4 Hours in State of Decay’s Open-World Zombie Nightmare

At first look, it might seem like State of Decay is just another action game set in a zombie-infested town. But after fours hours of gameplay, IGN says that Undead Labs has created something new and unique.

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1OddWorld2041d ago

I am glad more and more games like this are coming out, but they should all pay homage to DayZ.

RuleofOne343 2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Wasn't this game in development way before DayZ , so if the homage paying should be the other way around.

1OddWorld2040d ago

It looks like Arma 2: Operation arrowhead actually was the one who started it, which is what the DayZ mode was created off which started development some time in 2011.

State of Decay was also in the beginning stages of development in February 2011.

This is what I found so I guess technically I was wrong. My bad.

We should all pay homage to Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

tigertron2040d ago

This game needs online co-op, because it seems the game is built around co-operative play.

Kingdom Come2040d ago

Actually, the game is based around squad and supply management and survival. However, "State of Decay" was intended to be a prototype for a multiplayer follow up code named "Class 3", but, recently the developers have expressed intentions to add co-op to "State of Decay" at a later date...

Zichu2040d ago

So looking forward to this game.

Also, the second video when that guy with the blonde hair pulls a face when walking past the camera, I just shook my head. Then saw him trip up a bit and just laughed >.<

Psychotica2040d ago

Sounds great and I love that it's a single player game.

TedCruzsTaint2040d ago

They plan on adding co-op in the future, from what I hear.

FrostyZipper2040d ago

I remember when this was still called Class 3 and everyone on an internet board I frequented thought it was nothing but a pipe dream.

My body is more than ready, I don't think I can say the same for my poor wallet.

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