Wii U system update coming next week

Nintendo has just announced that a Wii U system update will be coming next week.

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Typical-Guy2065d ago

Finally, the transition between apps and home screen is just toooooo long! I just hope it's not a huge update.

MNGamer-N2064d ago

I hope it addresses system stability issues, as I still experience crashes on certain games.

Neonridr2064d ago

The only time my system ever crashed was because I ejected a game disc in the middle of playing a game. The system did not respond well to that, but that was my fault for doing so.

Other than that, the system has been slick like butter.

MNGamer-N2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

I have been experiencing crashes during high intensity moments on Need for Speed, Call of Duty (campaign mode) and Nano Assault Neo. The system locks up and loud buzzer ensues. These issues are widely reported on Miiverse. I really hope they figure it out.

riverstars862064d ago

Let's hope Nintendo has improved everything. I have faith in them, as it seems they took their time to make sure everything is going to be top notch.

mcstorm2064d ago

Sounds good to me and I cant wait to get some classic N64 games on my WiiU.

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