Wii U Virtual Console coming next week

Nintendo revealed that the Wii U Virtual Console will be made available next week.

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nintendoland2066d ago

YES! Next week I can play Super Metroid, Zeldas, Mario games and so many others on my gamepad. Can't wait.

MNGamer-N2066d ago

I will be paying the $1 to update my Wii VC games. Off screen play is where it's at.

Neonridr2066d ago

so will you browse the Wii U VC and any games that you purchased for the Wii's VC will have a $1 upgrade option or something?

MNGamer-N2066d ago

Yes. Plus then I won;t have to go to the wii menu everytime. I don't really like the wii menu thing.

Neonridr2066d ago

Oh I hate that too. Although any of the new $.30 titles are accessible directly through the Wii U now. I only wish there was a better way to organize them. Almost have them in sub channels based on what system they are for.

yugovega2066d ago

u can separate your channels. just move the channels all to the same section. I did that with mine.

animegamingnerd2065d ago

i just hope the add the option to make fodders like the 3DS

silkylove2065d ago

Probably going to upgrade most of my Wii VC games, but I'm going to wait for Super Metroid. Why upgrade it for $1.50 this month when I can buy it for 30 cents next month?

WeAreLegion2065d ago

This is great! I won't buy any games through the Wii U store, unfortunately, until purchases are linked to your account. Otherwise, I'll lose all purchases when the system dies. :/

When that happens, however, I am SO in!