Rumor: PS3/Vita Game "Warrior's Lair" Canceled; Was 3 Months from Being Finished

From AnalogHype: A user posting on the forum, QuarterToThree, has claimed to be the lead designed of Sony's missing game. While answering some questions asked by users on the forum, Nightgaunt shed some light on the status of the game."

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sinncross2040d ago

omw... please dont be true... this game looked like it had so much potential...

OmegaSlayer2040d ago

Imho it has been cancelled to make space for Diablo 3

Freddy_Millz12040d ago

on the VITA tho? Something dont add up about that equation.

H4all2040d ago

T_T please...
don't cancel it..
i want it... not only me wanted this game..
many vita user want this game..

i hope this rumor it not true.. T_T sob...

Typical-Guy2040d ago

Pleaaaassee noooooo! It was the only promising game when they revealed the Vita. I hope it's not true AT ALL :'(

cpayne932040d ago

Dang, this was one of my most anticipated games.

Minato-Namikaze2040d ago

Is this the "ruin" game that they showed of when it 1st released or is it a different game.

TheTwelve2040d ago

Yep. It was called "Ruin" and then turned to this very generic title.

metalgod882040d ago

Aw dude..I really hope this isn't true. This is the one game I want more than any other.

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The story is too old to be commented.