Time To Be Afraid: Raid Warning's Preview of Undead Lab's State of Decay

Undead Labs is getting ready to release State of Decay to XBox Live and PC and managed to get a hands on preview of the realistic open world game. According to what they witnessed, its time to be afraid... though in a good way.

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caution42072d ago

I'm hooked. I'm sold. For certain picking this one up.

MariaHelFutura2072d ago

I have never never bought a d/l title on my 360, do you need XBLG to be able to purchase this or play it? I only have a Silver account.

Shadonic2072d ago

I dont think you need it

MariaHelFutura2072d ago

That would be great, this game looks amazing.

jetlian2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

you dont need gold to buy xbla games. its suppose to hit in june. maybe in summer of arcade

kefkah2072d ago

I have to say, while I wished it was multiplayer, the level of detail and the ability to play it on my Xbox 360 has me sold.

Wormwood2072d ago

Adding multi-player might just make this the best game in existence. I'm sad it doesn't have it, but I'm willing to wait...

Kingdom Come2071d ago

"State of Decay" was initially a prototype for a multiplayer title (I believe it's code named Class 3). Also, the team have announced they hope to add Co-Op into the game someone in the future...

Echel0n2072d ago

Yea...I'll probably go the PC route. I love sitting 12 inches away from my 27'' screen.

kefkah2072d ago

The thought of the pc is tempting but outisde of Bioshock Infinite, my poor old XBox 360 hasn't seen much use these last few months.

Echel0n2072d ago Xbox doesn't get used unless we're watching Netflix or playing the old X-Men arcade game.

PC gaming ftw!

Wormwood2072d ago

This sounds like your own personal version of The Walking Dead to play out, which is just bloody awesome. (Please don't find Lori, Please don't find Lori..)

xseven2072d ago

The game is a monster of a XBLA title. Huge!

kefkah2072d ago

XBLA needs one badly.

Captain Qwark 92072d ago

you sir, are a fool. xbla has sooooooooooo many good games.

Wormwood2072d ago

It's so big that it may actually tear me away from my PC. I'm still unsure as to which way I'll play this once it is out if I've got the option for PC or Xbox...decisions, decisions...

staticjoe2071d ago

Class 4 is the name of the multiplayer version they're working on.... still a long ways off though, mostly concept phase stuff now I believe.