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Here are some photo's of the booth which sony are showing off there products at LIVE. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue was the main focus from sony, and titles such as Everybody's Golf, Echocrome were also in playable form.

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MaximusPrime3753d ago

Sony has the best booth, not just at live but at every exhibitions. Way to go, Sony!

resistance1003753d ago

Sony's was more professional, however i liked MS's one as well which they were displaying Rock Band and DDR, where they would get people to go up and play them while others watched on small stands. MS's approach was 'Anyone can Play' and this showed by the types of games they had in there stands

iAmPS33753d ago

Yep. Anyone can play, cause they are multiplatform. LOL

Nazisoft is a joke.

resistance1003753d ago

Play TV was shown on the big screens which you could select what demos you wanted to play and what videos you wanted to watch

moveteam3753d ago

Do you have pictures or videos?

I simply can't wait for that feature. + GTA IV.

cyclindk3753d ago

Come on Killzone 2 show up!!!!

resistance1003753d ago

Sadly they didn't show the old trailer, however was suprised by the amount of people who hadn't seen the E3 one from last year.

cyclindk3753d ago

What do you mean 'sadly,' it's good they didn't show old stuff right? Have they shown anything on Killzone yet?

resistance1003753d ago

My bad, they didn't show any NEW stuff i meant to type, its only the old stuff they showed

Will have more images on the site tomorow

cyclindk3753d ago

So you think they're done showing Killzone stuff, new or old? Dang it.

Iamback3753d ago

I love Sony but they can be sometimes GAY! Why not show something that will makes us happy? I dont want to wait until E3

TheExecutive3753d ago

i am seriously getting sick of killzone not showing up at all. All we have gotten in the last year is doctored up screenshots.

anyone else worried about the progress of KZ2?

cyclindk3753d ago

I'm not worried about progress, just pissed that they don't give us any content. I mean, obviously they are linking up the website with PSN accounts for some reason, but I'd much rather just have a few new screens or new details every once and a while rather than some stupid, promotion driven, marketing ploy that takes an eternity to implement. Give us screens, a demo, new footage, multiplayer details for god's sake...something?!

SUP3R3753d ago

You Killzone 2 fanatics sound like me with GTAIV when they weren't showing anything or saying anything about the game, but look what's happening now.

You just need to be patient. All the information you want will come, no need to rush, it's good that they aren't saying anything that way your head will explode when they do.

I am a ridiculous Final Fantasy fan, but Square has been running the same trailer since the game's announcement and it's killing me. But I know from next year the news is going to be flowing like crazy and I'm going to catch a heart attack before the game is actually released.

Nathaniel_Drake3753d ago

Hey remember guys, the tortoise and the rabbit, the tortoise and the rabbit

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Iamback3753d ago

I have a feeling that this "event" will be just another let down like GDC was from Sony part.

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The story is too old to be commented.