Microsoft gives Japanese gamers an incentive to play

Since Microsoft has had a hard time really selling the Xbox 360 in Japan, they are now offering a slight incentive to try and get gamers in Japan to play more.

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Catoplepas1952d ago

"Microsoft has launched a campaign that will pay 100 points ($1.25) to Xbox Live Gold members and 10 points to free members once they have played a collective of 300,000 hours together."

Wow. Where do I sign up?

SethAFitzgerald1952d ago

I'm guessing Xbox Japan's website should have the campaign listed w/ more details on how to be eligible.

boybato1952d ago

i think he is being sarcastic. lol

papashango1952d ago

I think he was replying in a smart a$$ fashion...

Godmars2901952d ago

So are they trying to attract new 360 owners, or keep current ones?

SethAFitzgerald1952d ago

Attract new ones. They figure that if they get more current xbox players to play then their friends will also buy the systems. It doesn't seem like the best way to get new customers but that's what they are trying.

kayoss1952d ago

I swear to god these incentives that Microsoft is trying to pull off as "a deal of a life time" are pretty pathetic. A whole $1.25 worth of points, I better start scrambling home and play.
At least go for a whole $5.

kreate1951d ago

They should do what sony did. Just give everyone $10. And send another $10 the next month in case they missed anyone.


Hey we're sorry we nuked you but here are some microsoft points.

grassyknoll1952d ago

Sony have PlayStation Plus, MS does this...

FunAndGun1952d ago

Sony also gave $10 PSN credit to "valued customers" out of the blue.

josephayal1952d ago

I think Xbox live Gold should be free in Japan

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