Media Create hardware sales (4/8 – 4/14)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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Zefros1864d ago

This is not good! VITA needs more games over there, and so does ps3.

sherimae24131864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

every console had a drop not only the vita did you not see the wii u sales?
besides kawano already explained that there will be shortages of vita till the end week of april

Inception1864d ago

Yeah and the only new software is Card fight Vanguard on no 2:

So it's normal if every console had a drop.

Dno1864d ago

i dont get why nintendo lets wii u sell so bad without a orice drop for so long. All 3rd party support is gone and to get it back they need a price drop. sorta like vita did.

Now sony neeeds to drop the price in the rest of the world.

gedden71864d ago


Nintendo just needs more games and time, which they are get and develop AND 3rd parties will support the system... I mean look at the start of the 3ds... those sale were bad but look where they are now, Nintendo is VERY focused on the Wii U right now as they were with the 3ds. Hell they are even trying to combine the 2... Imagine the sales when 3ds games are release with Wii U counterparts with beefier graphics and gameplay and that have special unlocks... You know that would sale.. So no price cut needed but just more games!

Dno1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )


3ds took off only after one of the biggest price drops in video game history and that was a little less then 6 months after release.

AdvanceWarsSgt1864d ago

The price cut was only a partial catalyst. Without SM3DLand and MK7 releasing around the same time that the price cut occurred 3DS sales would have eventually tapered back off into mediocrity.

LOL_WUT1864d ago

Agreed drop the price and release a few games and the sales should pick up. Nintendo should know this by now the 3DS was successful because of this. ;)

knifefight1864d ago

"So long"? It's been out for 4 months in Japan.

3DS was out for 6 months before the price drop (and it got software to actually attract buyers, which the Wii-U is still waiting for, for the most part).

Vita was out for 14 months in Japan before its price drop. So ah, 4 months isn't really "so long." >_>

Dno1864d ago (Edited 1864d ago )

Yes it is as 3ds was fairly new and got a massive price drop.

2 months is not a huge diference so yea 4 months selling less then vita and ps3 in your homeland is bad IMO.

they can wait 2 more months if that makes you happy but it needs a price drop bad.

hennessey861864d ago

Microsoft should forget about Japan and leave them to the schoolgirl games

Good_Guy_Jamal1864d ago

Not sure if shocking is the right word here. If Xbox were selling in the thousands, that would be shocking.
360 in Japan is a no win situation.
Seems as though Vita is clawing it's way back to sub 10k. I give it 3 more weeks.

XabiDaChosenOne1864d ago

Everything has been significantly dropping in these past two weeks, 3DS included, stop singling out the Vita.

sherimae24131864d ago

you do hate the vita, do you?
it will not go back to sub 10k unless all others plummet to sub 10k and the 3ds plummet to sub 20k

superterabyte1864d ago

@Good-Guy_Jamal @sherimae2413 Seriously all jamal ever does is make fanboy comments not kidding check out his profile and click comments its unbelievable

WalterWJR1864d ago

Yes because xbox sells big manly games with guns which the little girls don't like in Japan?

Grow up, if Microsoft cared about the Japanese market they would sell games they like.

testerg351864d ago

Actually MS tried really hard in the beginning. They released many jprgs and at one point had more jrpgs than the PS3.

Minato-Namikaze1864d ago


They still didnt have reliability, and most of the JRPG's came too the ps3 anyway.

jek71864d ago

the vita starting to decline again

TongkatAli1864d ago

It's going to jump back up when Toukiden comes out, but I think it won't jump by a lot, new ips scare gamers.