Top 8 DLC Character we want in Injustice: Gods Among Us

Now Netherrealm have announced a season pass (much like the one used in Mortal Kombat) will be available from day one and will include four new characters and some additional costumes for many of the current in game characters. Although one of these places has already been taken by Lobo (meaning there are only three spots left to fill), we can still hope for somebody off the upcoming list to make an appearance.

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zen_hydra1952d ago

My list:

1. Mirror Master

2. Blue Beetle

3. Dial H possessor

4. Swamp Thing

Minato-Namikaze1952d ago

Swamp thing is DC? i never knew that. You learn something new everyday. but maybe they can throw in some freedom fighters

Chevalier1952d ago

I think I'd like to see

Lady Shiva
Black Canary
Martian manhunter
Big Barda

blackstrr4111952d ago

Robin. Aqua lad heck all of young justice characters

antz11041952d ago

Wow, beyond Atrocitus and Darkseid those were horrible picks lol.

I think my 4 for the DLC would be Martian Manhunter, Plastic Man, Clayface, and Atrocitus.

cemelc1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Wouldnt plastic man and clayface be the same?

Esler1952d ago

They aren't necessarily horrible picks. They are different from the usual DC crowd. All your list does is bolster more Batman villains in an already packed Batman line up. I was trying to avoid Batman and Superman characters. I find them rather dull. Although Martian Manhunter would also be a nice addition he doesn't have a great deal of different powers from Superman that could be added to the game. The same could be said for those wanting somebody like Supergirl, powergirl and Wonder Girl. They don't bring much new to the table.

Snakefist301952d ago

Starfire,Power Girl,Alan Scott,Star girl and Huntress!!!

Esler1952d ago

Alan Scott is Green Lantern. Just the old school version. As an alternate costume for the Green Lantern he would be boss but as a space for 1/4 DLC places he would be a wasted space for me.The same can be said for Powergirl as she doesn't differ that much from Superman aside from being from Earth 2.I would like to see The Huntress but she might just be a mix between Nightwing and Green Arrow.

GREW50ME1952d ago

No Steam version = NO SALE!!!

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