Sony Launch PlayStation 4 Branded Competition

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has launched their first competition featuring the PlayStation 4 branding, offering consumers the chance to win tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final Wembley 2013. Going further than simply using the PlayStation 4 logo in association with the competition, SCEE are actually using this activity to raise awareness of some of the forthcoming console’s unique features.

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supremacy1735d ago

wonder if theyll be doing something similar out here in the u.s

1734d ago
GalacticEmpire1735d ago

Wonder if this is a result of the new marketing firm they went with for PS4? It's certainly a step in the right direction and building hype for PS4 now is smart since officially it has no simlarly specced competition.

wenaldy1735d ago

Barca the Champions!!!!!!!!

Brian1rr1735d ago

Madrid will win La Decima

BattleAxe1735d ago

If SCEA were to do something like this for Hockey in Canada, that would win Sony some huge brownie points.

Cryptcuzz1735d ago

Europe with Champions League, Canada with hockey, US with football, Asia with E-sport would be awesome. I'm sure they will advertise the PS4 in all major sporting and entertainment event, given the PS4 has an expected budget of $100 million in advertisement alone in the U.S.