No backwards compatibility is an affront to loyal fans.

As someone who has sunk a lot of money into my current collection this really annoys the hell out of me.

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Ask2040d ago

Seriously nothing gets to me like finding out your £500 of games cannot be played by your new console. What the hell?

Catoplepas2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I fail to see the problem.

You have £500 worth of games. Logic dictates that you also have the applicable console to play them on.

Unless the PS3 has a built in expiry date that I'm unaware of, this is a non-issue.

Ask2040d ago

It has died on me once before and my warranty goes in about a fortnight. In those 2 weeks if it dies - not a problem. After that...well if it dies I'll have to pay for it. It's not as bad as an xbox but PS3s aren't that hardy :/

csreynolds2039d ago

So if it dies, what then? Pay for out-of-warranty repairs, or buy another model. Both options are costly. If the PS4 was backwards compatible, you could play the PS3 games on the PS4 and avoid both scenarios.

Everything has an expiry date. There isn't one piece of technology in this world that doesn't have the potential to one day stop working.

I'm not as outraged about Sony's decision to abandon backwards compatibility next generation as others may be, but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant to their point of view, which is in the least valid.

_-EDMIX-_2039d ago

.... that's nice but I fail to understand why on earth thats Sony's problem. prior to PlayStation 2's backwards compatibility people had no problem only multiple systems to play the exact games. all of a sudden in a single generation every company is now obligated to hand you over 2 systems? lol...err no.

mind you I own a backwards compatible with Playstation 3... but because I have a library of PlayStation 2 games I still have a functioning PlayStation 2. why should Sony jeopardize the architecture of their next system just allow you to play games on a system you technically already own based on such a library? even if they were to add a chip that adds emulation why should the people who just want a PlayStation 4 have to pay for two systems when they just want a single one?

even if they were to add a second sku why waste the development cost when you could just go ahead and buy a damn PlayStation 3 currently? The system is not going anywhere anytime soon. I'm one of the few that believe it was a right decision at the time to remove BC from PlayStation 3's in order to stain good sales. PlayStation 3 has an absolutely great library in games are still yet to be released for it if anything I'll just buy a used slim online to suit my needs in the future

VonBraunschweigg2039d ago

My original 60GB PS3 from 2007 got the YLOD in 2010 and was replaced by a refirb 160GB that already had suffered a YLOD before and had another YLOD early 2012. I had it fixed and it's still working, but judging by the sounds it makes it won't be working by the end of the will probably will not survive the summer.

Equipment can break down, esp if you use it a lot. I know that and BC is still an extra. I will buy my PS4 for PS4 games, but there a quite a few PS3 games I'm pretty sure I still want to play next year. So if my current PS3 dies, it's either buying a new old PS3 or rebuying the games through Gaikai.

Now, making all PS3 games available through Haikai is nice for gamers who never bought a PS3 and still want to play PS3 games, but for loyal fans right now it's not a service. I would like to be able to play my PS3 games through Gaikai for free, or with a big discount. After all, I already bought those games this gen. I don't mind having to go through a tedious clumsy authentication process to enable this for my PS3 games on my future PS4, anything but rebuying the games or another PS3.

And this is esp the case for games I downloaded from PSN. If you continue a service into next gen you should also allow gamers to continue playing the games they bought through that service in the next gen. I love WipEout HD, bought it day one from PSN. PSN continues on PS4, but the only way I can play it next year is to re-buy it from Gaikai? Imo it shouldn't be that way.

H0TSHELLZ2039d ago

Thats what im saying....Keep your old system then or maybe dont buy the NEW one until YOU feel your done with the old games.....I dont see the problem people because i dont want my new system to be limited due to the fact it HAD to have BC.

joeorc2039d ago

"I'm not as outraged about Sony's decision to abandon backwards compatibility next generation as others may be, but that doesn't mean I'm ignorant to their point of view, which is in the least valid. "

its not about the point of view, its about what the underlining Idea. Console's are not PC's they are consumer Electronics.

When you buy Software for the console, it was for that console.

Backward Compatibility would be very expensive for Sony to have in the case of the PS4 because of the cost in chip's and not just in the Chipsets but the cost in Passive/active heat dissipation to even be able to offer such backward Compatibility and power requirement's, it is the move from power system design over to x86 is not in of itself the problem. there is quite a bit more to it than just that. the very fact that Sony did buy Gaikai for the software ability to offer some way as to provide backward compatibility is something at least.
wanted a cheaper system? the cost in sticking those chips from the previous generation systems along with the cost in passive/active heat dissipation to go along with it would be very expensive to include. many of the same people asking for this very function would be saying $599.00..$599.00 $599.00 and making and Taking a jab at Sony's expense at every opportunity they can get.

And for those that think its greed motivated, than there are far more greedy companies making more money and giving you less bang for your buck than Sony!

Sony at least is offering buy once and play across all its new recent platforms for game's. also Giving out more free game's and giving out in store money to those that spend as much as $50.00 money in a month and giving back $10.00 to the consumer for doing so.

Sony would have included Backward Compatibility on a hardware level outright if they could , sadly Sony would not be able to at a price the consumer demands for a game console! Consumer's told Sony very loud and clear they the mass majority of their Consumer's do not want a Game console in the $599.00 or higher in cost's.

BrianC62342039d ago

Ask - You say the 360 and PS3 aren't very hardy. That was true early on but I think the RROD is over and the PS3 definitely isn't having problems anymore. I had to buy a new PS3 I think in 2008 but my Slim has been fine. I think my original PS3 only died because I put a fast hard drive in it. They put out more heat. The new consoles produce a lot less heat now though and that was the problem early on. I don't think people realize how much it adds to the cost of a console if you include backward compatibility. Are you willing to pay $500 for a PS4? Everyone who wants the feature better say they are. Sony isn't going to eat the cost. At a minimum it would add $50 to the cost. It's better to spend the money on things like more RAM.

vitullo312039d ago

i would argue that it sucks more for people who aren't loyal fans and maybe DONT already have a ps3 or ps2 or whatever the hell

princejb1342039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Not everyone wants to keep consoles in their home
For example I live in a apartment with limited amount of space
Theres no way I want to keep my bulky ps3 somewhere
Is just extra space wasted that I do not have

On the bright side I'm buying a ps4 to play ps4 games

Ezz20132039d ago

i agree with you catoplepas
BC is not a big deal for me at fact i don't care about it

i'm buying ps4 for 1st/2nd party games and the amazing spec
if the next xbox offer new ips that i would like
and not having the always online and didn't block used games
then i will buy it too

DragonKnight2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Un-frickin'-believeable. The same people b*tching about the lack of BC for the PS4 are exactly the same kind of people that b*tched about the launch price of the PS3. Now that Sony is trying to keep costs down FOR YOU (not for them as a higher price means more money for them), and not to mention that the PS4 has COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ARCHITECTURE, the cry babies come out to whine that they can't play their old games on a new system and have the audacity to say "well I shouldn't have to keep the system they were originally designed for."

Such B.S.

B.C. on consoles was always sparse. Old Atari consoles could do it, but the SNES couldn't with the NES, the N64 couldn't with the SNES. Some Sega consoles could do it, some couldn't. The PS2 did it with the PS1 and launch PS3's did it but people b*tched. This is the gen of b*tchy gamers who aren't satisfied with literally anything. Nevermind that Sony wants to have an incredible launch for the PS4, no, why bother with new games for a new console when you can play old games on a new console right?

Some of you fanboys really need better priorities. Just frickin' keep your old consoles. I've heard enough of you talk about how you barely touched PS2 games with the PS3 when it had BC anyway and now all of a sudden you want to cry about this and ignore the very basic fact that the PS4 and the PS3 are too different for workable BC unless they shoehorned an entire PS3 into the PS4 and ramp the launch cost up by about $200. So what do you want, an affordable launch price, or the ability to play old games you could still play by keeping the damn console they were designed for?

MikeMyers2039d ago

Since when does one have to be a fanboy who questions the lack of backwards comparability, DragonKnight? People also had issues with the way Microsoft did it on the Xbox360. A fanboy is actually one who keeps defending these companies and never holds them accountable while attacking the competition any chance they get.

Larry L2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

No you dullard (the author), an affront to gamers would be another $600 console. It didn't work for Neo*Geo, didn't work for PS3, and it really would be a problem if that were the PS4's price right after gamers made it known 600 is too much just the generation prior.

I'm FAR happier paying $400 for PS4 and just keeping my PS3 if I ever care to play it again after I'm playing PS4. And the majority of gamers feel the same way as proven beyond doubt when said majority bought FAR more non-BC PS3s at a cheaper price than they did $600 BC models. There's really no debate here.

Not to mention, if putting old, low end hardware like PS2s into PS3 made it $600, putting the rediculously complicated PS3 hardware into PS4 would probably cause PS4 to cost alot more than even 600. I'll just hold onto my PS3, thanks.

And I'll also thank you if you'd keep your fool mouth shut from now on instead of sitting there trying your damnedest to make my future PS4 jerk. Talk about an affront......Dude you're bordering on treason against the Nation of Gamers. So watch yourself.

DragonKnight2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

@MikeMyers: Please, don't try to hand out that B.S. No one cared about the B.C. on the 360 because it was there just stupidly implemented. Try actually knowing what you're talking about before participating in the discussion. And given the tags of this story (PS3, PS4), the on-site headline ("No backward compatibility for the PS4? An insult to loyal fans") and the fact that no news about B.C. has been released about the NextBox, including it (Xbox) in the discussion is irrelevant and off-topic.

Stop following me with your fanboyism.

Muerte24942039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

reflowing your console or reballing it. If you reball it, they take the GPU and CPU die off the board. They then begin to remove any and all of the old solder, replacing it with new solder. This is the best way to repair console/tablets/laptops. At the most people would charge $80-$110 for it. It also extends the lifespan of your console. This is hardly an issue.

As if it wasn't already implied, they do put the GPU or CPU die back onto the board.

MikeMyers2039d ago

Amazing how everyone suffers from fanboyism but DragonKnight even though he's the one constantly defending Sony all the time while quick to point out issues with everyone else.

Sony was the one who made backward comparability an important feature. So of course people will want to see how they handle it moving forward. You cannot compare older systems like the SNES to game platforms of today. Gamers are buding their gamer tag history and want to keep that identity going forward. With things like Trophies, and all the digital content they've acquired I, and I imagine many others, would like to retain that content.

It's amazing how upset some get when they act like this is a non-issue for them. If that's the case why are they so eager to call people fanboys and act so aggressive to those who would like consoles to have this feature?

DragonKnight2039d ago

It's amazing how a fanboy can claim they aren't one and then pounce whenever they get the chance to attack someone like, say, Sony like all of the other rabid fanboys and then defend anti-consumer practices like always-online DRM. But hey, that's another topic for another story for that fanboy to follow me to.

Back on topic: Throughout console gaming history, backwards compatibility is a small foot note made popular by Sony. It was always an option, a courtesy, and never a standard. To complain about it when you have the option to keep your older consoles (what serious gamer would throw away or sell a perfectly good console unless they were in desperate need of money) is to be a child. The excuse of "it takes up space" is a pitiful one as well as I'm certain most have plenty of redundant electronics lying around. The ingenious will always find a way, the lazy will always complain.

MikeMyers2039d ago

"It's amazing how a fanboy can claim they aren't one and then pounce whenever they get the chance to attack someone like, say, Sony like all of the other rabid fanboys and then defend anti-consumer practices like always-online DRM. But hey, that's another topic for another story for that fanboy to follow me to."

Always-on DRM is also not very consumer friendly. Nor is online passes which you seem to not have issues with since Sony does it on their own games. The trend you are trying to make actually isolates you. One who is very quick to attack Microsoft for their DRM rumors, one who is quick to attack Bethesda and their response to the used game market while totally ignoring Sony who uses online passes to also help counter used games. The irony is you never mention Sony in any of your issues. On the other hand I said Microsoft will have a PR nightmare on their hands if they were to implement DRM and it would be foolish for them to go solo in doing such a thing.

You see, I actually answer things. I don't label everyone with fanboyism and then run and hide because I have issues criticizing a company I don't work for. Tell me, what benefit does one get constantly defending one company? Sony will treat you as a consumer no more different than they treat me.

"Back on topic: Throughout console gaming history, backwards compatibility is a small foot note made popular by Sony. It was always an option, a courtesy, and never a standard. To complain about it when you have the option to keep your older consoles (what serious gamer would throw away or sell a perfectly good console unless they were in desperate need of money) is to be a child. The excuse of "it takes up space" is a pitiful one as well as I'm certain most have plenty of redundant electronics lying around. The ingenious will always find a way, the lazy will always complain."

So why is everyone a child who doesn't share your opinion? Since when are you the authority speaker on behalf of everyone and who gave you the right to label people with fanboyism that sees it as a problem? You really need to ask yourself, how emotionally attached are you to this company where you will defend them tooth and nail while ignoring any issue that arises but quickly go on the attack with the competition?

Of course people would like backwards compatibility, why not? What defense do you actually have by them not offering it if they are able to? I found it a nice surprise that the Move controller is backwards compatible with the PS4. I have been a loyal fan of Sony's. I bought Move controllers, I bought games through the store, and when we move forward while building our online status and Trophies and have acquired online content why wouldn't we want that to be carried over? When I buy items through the Steam store I expect that content to be accessible. Will Sony allow me to have one account and keep my PS3 and PS4 connected? Everyone talks about the PS3 having a 10 year cycle, how is one to buy PS3 and PS4 content if you can only have one system attached to your account?

It's downright embarrassing we have so many apologists who attack anyone for raising issues. God forbid anyone ever saying anything critical towards Sony. You're libel to be red-flagged and get disagrees from there on out towards any future comments. Some people need to grow up and stop taking videogames so seriously.

DragonKnight2039d ago

@MikeMyers: Alright, this is the last time I'm going to acknowledge your existence. Unlike your Crusade against Root and other members, I know how pathetic your mission is and I'm not going to feed into it or you. Skimming over your tl;dr response to me I see you employ the same tactics you do against everyone else. You bring up off-topic discussions you've had with your targets in the Past whether through comments or through PM's as though they have any relevance to the topic at hand, then you try to dismiss or discredit the actual comment you're replying to and do so very poorly as you choose to ignore the underlying message in favour of attacking someone on a more personal level. It's clear you are incapable of focusing on a topic when you reply to someone and instead decide to make it personal because you feel it's your mission to attack people, to relentlessly bombard them with your stupidity and fanboyism. Well, as I said earlier, this is going to be my last acknowledgement of your existence anywhere so take this in.

Since you're so concerned with my opinion on online passes, even though you can clearly read what I think about them in my "There's No Excusing DRM" blog, I will reiterate what I said there. Online passes, no matter who uses them, are wrong. The difference between them and always-online DRM, since you're incapable of understanding that there is a difference, is that one will still allow your game to work and the other won't. In the game of lesser evils, I'd rather have online passes than always-online DRM. In a perfect world, none would exist.

Devs against used games: Myth. No matter who states that the used market is a problem (including Sony) it's a myth. Publisher sell to retailers, not consumers, they've received their money and are just trying to be greedy to gain extra profit on discs they've already printed and sold.

B.C.: Was never a standard and is only useful when a console launches with a terrible or weak launch lineup. People complaining about something they have the simplest of options for are children. Simple as that. You want to play PS3 games? Then you likely have a PS3. There is no reason to be rid of it. Complaining about B.C. is a childish thing to complain about. It's like complaining that your Wii can't play NES cartridges or that your Blu-Ray player won't play your VHS collection. Get over it. Things progress, and as they do so things get left behind. The PS4 is different than the PS3. It physically CAN'T play PS3 games unless a PS3 is built into the console. The last time that happened, people like you b*tched about the price of the console and demanded Sony lowered the price. The only way to do that without taking an unnecessarily massive hit themselves was to remove unnecessary components and that was why the PS2 hardware was removed. Again, you're bringing up a childish issue just for the sake of b*tching about something. Adults want something of value they can afford. Children want everything regardless of its feasibility and cost.

I am done with you now. Any and all responses you make to me will be summarily dismissed and ignored for the tripe they always are. Don't waste both of our time by ever responding to me again because I can assure you I will not read it.

MaxXAttaxX2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

You're being hypothetical. Your PS3 could die, but so could your PS4 whether it has BC or not. You don't know that.

No one is forcing you to get rid of your PS3 and rebuy your games later.

Whining won't help. But common sense will.

shivvy242039d ago

ive kept all my consoles and i play games on the consoles it was made on, funny cause i still have the PS1/2/3 all hooked to my tv

SilentNegotiator2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

*Smashes N64 cartridges into Gamecube*

It's not workiiiiiiiiing!!!

Darn you, Sony! Give us a PS3 chip to overheat the Ps4, like the ps2 chip on Ps3, or faulty software emulation that probably won't even work well with the completely new architecture!

If your Ps3 dies next gen, you'll probably be able to get another one online for $80. 9th gen, we'll probably see a half decent Ps3 emulator.

2039d ago
Lvl_up_gamer2039d ago

It amazes me that when the 60 GB PS3 launched, ALL the Sony fanboys were bragging that it would have BC and just how awesome the feature was.

Then when Sony phased it out, Sony fanboys weren't happy about it. Now that the PS4 won't have BC and rumor has it that MS WILL be 100% BC, BC no longer means anything and is a useless feature.

I love Sony fanboys, they just keep me laughing.

DragonKnight2038d ago

Donkey Kong 286,000 Points, you seem to have an obsession with me. That's not healthy and I'm not even flattered. Besides, every time you comment like that the first thing that comes to my mind is...

Root2032d ago

"Alright, this is the last time I'm going to acknowledge your existence. Unlike your Crusade against Root and other members, I know how pathetic your mission is and I'm not going to feed into it or you. Skimming over your tl;dr response to me I see you employ the same tactics you do against everyone else. You bring up off-topic discussions you've had with your targets in the Past whether through comments or through PM's as though they have any relevance to the topic at hand"


Finally someone sees what he's like

Mike is just a massive Bully who gets off arguing to people. That's why he attacks people on here despite them not starting anything with himself.

Just bubble him down for being off topic...I do

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Chaostar2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I agree with Catoplepas, BC is just not necessary and most consoles released haven't had it in the past. While it's a nice feature to have, the lack of it is blown way out of proportion by gamers/journos still clinging desperately to the current generation.

For the one millionth time, just calm down and keep your PS3/360.

mcstorm2039d ago

I agree. Although it comes in handy if you move to a console but did not have the earlier consoles like with my WiiU.

I had a Wii but sold it a few years ago and since getting a Wiiu I have played a few Wii games I have missed. But that said if it did not have it I would not miss it.

Captain Qwark 92039d ago

i disagree. BC should be a must have feature. reasons:

1. most of us have a large library of games and several that we like to returnt o from time to time. many of us also have a backlog of games we havent gotten to yet but would like to someday

2. games are still releasing for the older consoles and may not get ported to the next gen systems

3. idk about you but it takes up space, electricity, and overall is just a hassle to have many many systems hooked up at the same time. why have 4 consoles hooked up when i could only have 2 ( 360, ps3, ps4, 720 or 720, ps4 )

4. the library of games for next gen consoles is usually slim pickens for the first 6 months to a year.

so thats why BC is nice. is it necessary? no however it would play a huge role in which next gen console i get first and by that i mean the next xbox 100% if it has it. if not, ill compare other features. ill get both eventually but not the other until prob a year later

kneon2039d ago

BC would be nice to have, but are people willing to pay the extra $50+ it would cost and put up with the reduced reliability due to the increased complexity?

I expect for most people the answer would be no.

But as they have gone x86 for the ps4 I expect that we won't be seeing anymore drastic architectural changes with the ps5, so BC will be easier in the future.

forcefullpower2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Never understand why someone would buy a new machine to play old games. BC i find is the worst just justification for any new console non purchase.

Jon:- (Rings Fred) Where are you guys thought we were playing COD.

Fred:- Playing COD where are you.

Jon:- Playing COD 4.

Fred:- We forgot your the idiot that thinks BC is so important you wouldn't buy the new console. See you later. hangs up.

Fred on Party Chat:- Hey guys Jon the twat just phoned he still not bought a new console. Every one burst out laughing and takes the piss out of him for the rest of the day.

SnakeCQC2039d ago

replaying first party games is not the same as playing multi plaforms like cod. Years after the ps4 comes out im still going to want to play god of war 3 heavy rain uncharted etc. Hell i still play fahenheit and having a tidy option is nice

knifefight2039d ago

" your the idiot"

^ That is an unfortunate place to make that particular error.

papashango2039d ago

I still play cs 1.6 on occasion...came out in 99 it required Half Life to play as it was a mod. Just saying. Games will never die as long as BC is not an issue. You tend to lose franchises to next gen consoles.

forcefullpower2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )


What difference does it make between multi and exlusives I could have put killzone in there? Three will be more GOW and Uncharted games i personally love but why should i have to pay for BC in a new console when I have the old one.


I am the idiot for upgrading to latest console. Thats quite amusing. So are you still playing the PS1 or Orgional Xbox then if you think people are idiots for upgrading.


I still play CS occasionally but its on the PC and is still being looked after by valve even for newer OS's. Not all PC games are BC have you heard of GoG. They make old games work on PC's newer hardware.

MikeMyers2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

So when you buy a bluray player you dont care if your DVD collection doesnt work on it? All those songs you bought on itunes, you dont care if you cant play them on a new ipod or your new iphone?

Im not worried about my physical discs i own. I can always buy a replacement system if it ever breaks. Since my digital content is tied to my account I want to be able to acces it. They have to make it so you can re-download your items if need be. I have my video, pictures and music all backed up just in case of hard drive failure. What back up are these console companies giving us? I'm not worried about it for Steam games I bought so why are we apologizing for console makers who refuse to do it?

If you cannot sign in on two different consoles with the same gamer tag I'm going to be pissed.

forcefullpower2039d ago


Just curious do you still have a VHS or Beta Max device which has bluray and dvd built into it as well.

Also do you still have a sony walkman or mini disc that also play mp3's or even a protable turn table where you carry all your records with you but still play mp3.

I didn't think so. The world progresses and people would rather re-buy higher quality version of old film, music or games. HD remakes are my favourite thing now this gen as I got to play some old games I used to have but in much better quality.

MikeMyers2039d ago

Difference is you have the physical tapes. What happens to my digital content and you're unable to download those items again? My Walkman played tapes and so does a home tape deck. You own that property. My games like Journey are stored on my hard drive and are linked to my Playstation account. So will Sony allow that content to carry over or let me have a PS3 and my PS4 both signed in simaltaneously so that I can download them again if my hard drive fails? What about just after the PS4 comes out and I want to buy a PS3 only game online but have my account logged in now on my new system?

There are many questions on how they will handle this now that so many people buy content through the store.

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MariaHelFutura2040d ago

I personally don't care at all. I used b/c 2 or 3 times in 6 years.

Commandar_Shepard2039d ago

Normally this wouldn't be a problem to me but with massive games like GTA5 coming out only a few months before next gen consoles release, making jump to a system without BC is a lot harder.

New rumors suggest that the next Xbox will have BC, and your virtual purchases may even carry over. This would be huge for me. Being a PS+ member I've downloaded many free games and it's sad to hear that those games won't be playable on my PS4. Yes I could still play them on my PS3 but I'd prefer to have it all in one box.

Nevertheless, BC is not what I consider the most when buying a new system, new great games are. PS4 looks good now, no OMFG I NEED THIS GAME RIGHT NOW OR MY HEAD WILL EXPLODE games at the moment (though there will be when ND announces its next game) so MS has a chance to really shine this year if they make the right moves.

Minato-Namikaze2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

How many systems have had that game in the 1st year? 12 to 18 months into the console's life cycle is when those games start to appear.

Commandar_Shepard2039d ago

@Minato-Namikaze NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Xbox, 360 (Oblivion came out a few months after launch), PS2 (Well GT3 came out about 6 months after)

The point is, BC is more important now because of the major releases on current gen consoles that are close to the release of new consoles but it isn't THE most important thing.

SpringHeeledJack2039d ago

Why buy a next gen console to play last gen games. Just stick with your current console if it bothers you that much.

Minato-Namikaze2039d ago


1 They are REMASTERS.
2. Maybe poeple missed those games? Or maybe they are getting content not released in US or EU as is KH HD's case.

Dno2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

you can still buy ps2s 11 years after it was released.... you will NOT be playing ps3 games in 11 years and if you are you will be able to buy it for less then 150.

Non- issue.

avengers19782039d ago

I'm just keeping my ps3... Last gen I traded towards the new console, but really did not find myself playing any of my old ps2 games on my( at the time ) b/c ps3... Just to many next gen games...
Ps4 will have KZSF, infamous second son, watch dogs, thief, and I'm sure more by the time it's released... So that will be my focus.

Waddy1012039d ago

So you would rather pay £100+ more for backwards compatibility instead of just keeping your PS3?

Oh_Yeah2039d ago

Ahhh people don't realize that backwards compatibility isn't all that hard for them to implement...they don't do it so they can resell them same games to you in the form of classics and hd remakes and also sell more hardware if your old console breaks down. All ps3s can play ps2 games. The cfw scene has proven this, Google ps2 classics manager. Sony could use the same method, give us a way to rip ps3 games to the hard drive and convert them to ps4 format and use the disc as a place holder to activate/play the content. Don't be fooled peeps.. You know it's about that $.

TheUndertaker852039d ago

Did you buy that new console to play your old games or your old console to play your old games?

If you're a loyal fan like the article states and you own those games, you own the old system too. Unless someone in the world is actually stupid enough to buy the newest console for 5+ year old games that can be played on a console that'll be much cheaper than the newest iteration.

FamilyGuy2039d ago

Pointless article, nice avatar though :P

I'm keeping my PS3, and why wouldn't I? At the very least it's still a multi-media hub. It'd be like getting rid of a SMART blu-ray player. Pointless, besides if the PS4 was backward compatible that just means more PS3s being sold used. If PS3 aren't sold at a profit by now, they will be by the time PS4 is out and used sales will only slow new system sales down.

Knight_Crawler2039d ago

Having 100% BC on the next gen consoles benefits Sony or MS in a huge way becuase this means that they can continue to support the PS3 and 360...if a game is relaeased on the last gen consoles only this means that current gen only console owners have the option to buy those games as well, which in return equals more sales for the developers.

g2gshow2039d ago

i want 2013 ferrari with parts from 2000 just so i can feel like im driving a 2000 in my brand new 2013 ferrari

dude keep your old system if you want to play old games

Aceman182039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

i have a question for most here if Sony were to add in the B/C by shoehorning in the PS3 into the PS4 are you willing to pay $600/700 for the system again?

i know i'm not, and that's why i plan on keeping my PS3. i have no problems moving it over and sticking the PS4 right next to it, and using that little invention called the TV remote to change the video source on my plasma to play both systems when i want to.

i will not sit here and cry, whine, b*tch, and moan about this issue when it will save me money on the new product, and i still have a very well working system.

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Lone_Man2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

this article is what i was lukin for because even if "always on" and "backward compatibility " feature is a rumor and not a fact still i will not going to buy it bcoz of this..

Ask2040d ago

Always on is just the WORST idea you could have. Seriously if Simcity isn't enough for everyone else to sit back and learn an always on console will certainly teach lessons. I use my console the most when the net goes down! :)

riverstars862039d ago

I'm with you, I may be on the fence on getting a PS4 if all the rumors are true that it's going to cost $1000 and a Gaikai subscription is required day one. Add that to the fact of no BC makes me wonder if Sony really cares about consumers at all. Hopefully Sony will learn to be more like Nintendo and Apple by giving consumers what they want, I won't be holding my breath....

Pintheshadows2039d ago

'Hopefully Sony will learn to be more like Nintendo and Apple by giving consumers what they want'.

Ahahahahahahaha. Wow, that may be the best thing that has been typed on the internet today. Certainly the funniest.

Fishy Fingers2039d ago

Can only speak for myself, but BC isn't remotely important to me. I don't buy a new console to play my old games and I keep my old systems anyway.

I'm a PC gamer predominately, so I have a huge back catalog of 'old' PC games and its incredibly rare for me to play anything over a year old and when I do, it's usually because of some MOD.

Drekken2039d ago

People like to make a stink about BC, but I never played a PS2 game on my PS3 unless it was a remake.

I think Sony will offer BC with their new streaming service.

Droid Control2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

BC is really important to me.
I don't want loads of machines under the tv. My stand doesn't have room, my TV doesn't have enough HDMI ports, my wall doesn't have enough sockets, and It just plain looks bad.

Now, I sure all you bedroom/basement dwelling games have no problem since, well, your entire lives look cheap and tacky.

But I own a house. I take pride in my surroundings. I don't even like seeing wires exposed around my equipment. I certainly don't want a ton of all hardware cluttering up my entertainment setup.

Also, consoles these days just don't last all that long. here today, gone tomorrow. They are built to cheap. Sony and M$ do not intend for you to be playing them 5 years from now, they expect you to be playing on their next systems.

Minato-Namikaze2039d ago

then dont buy it? I mean do you really sit around and play last gen games on your next gen system (excluding HD remasters). I used to think BC was important and then i started buying next gen games.

P.S. I also own a house and I also take pride in my surroundings. I have a PS3, wii, PS2, cablebox, and dvd player under my entertainment system and you can barely see everything that is under there. Maybe you need a bigger entertainment system or invest in some cable ties.

theEx1Le2039d ago

"Excluding HD remasters" is exactly my problem with no BC. How long till they start charging for "remastered" Ps3 games?

sprinterboy2039d ago

You would require 2 more cables to keep your PS3 connected, thats hardly more mess and cluttered cables, I have a tv, skyhd, ps3, gt wheel and jamos connected up to my amplifier sound setup etc and its no where near clutterd plus controllers and laptop/tablet/vita go in coffee table draws, its a myth at too many cables, dont want it cluttered bullshit, there accessories for that.

admiralvic2039d ago

Thats like complaining your PS3 only has X storage because you're too lazy to install the HDD.

Almost all of your "problems" have simple solutions.

Stand? Unhook something and or get a new one. I doubt everything you have there needs to be there 100% of the time and with how useful consoles are getting, I can't see it really being cluttered as you don't really need a DVD, Bluray, CD, MP3, Video Streamer.

HDMI ports? Get an extender or "downgrade" something to component.

Wall Socket? Purchase a wall extender (pretty much just goes over your current socket and adds more ports).

If you don't like seeing wires, do something to fix that or actively accept you might need to "switch" things out. Like you can always use the same HDMI for the PS3 / 4 / everything else and I wouldn't be shocked if you could double up the power too.

The long and the short here is that you're actively looking to blame Sony for failing to resolve your own problems. While a lot of my solutions require spending additional money, it would STILL be cheaper to buy all this stuff than getting a BC PS4. Furthermore, if you have money to spend on a PS4, you can certainly justify the expense to get the set up you want. Don't get me wrong, I wish the PS4 had BC, since games like Arkham Origins will require me to have both hooked up, but nothing says you HAVE to upgrade asap. Look at the Wii U, if you bought it on release or today, you pretty much have the same selection of titles.