FIFA 14 Revealed

FIFPlay: Electronic Arts Inc. today unveiled innovations to the greatest sports game on the planet that will enable fans to experience the emotion of scoring great goals when playing EA SPORTS™ FIFA 14 on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system and PC.

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schahryar2070d ago

Sometimes the site its down - due to high traffic

stubbed_out2070d ago

Here're the new features (site is down):

Pure Shot - players with intelligence get in optimal position before shooting.

Protect the Ball - Fend off defenders whilst you have the ball

Real Ball Physics

Teammate intelligence

Scouting in career mode

Not going to lie, sounds like all the same things as before. Not necessarily bad.

What I want to know:

Usable UI?
Are these next-gen in-game screenshots or press shots for PS3/Xbox?

pompombrum2070d ago

Lol Pure Shot.. that's so typical of EA right there.. sounds fancy for marketing but reality the differences are so subtle nobody will notice.

Teammate intelligence.. is it obligatory to say that every year in some form or another? Ever fifa is the same with players acting stupid at the worst of times, this will be no different.

Honestly, all they need to do is:

Fix or remove the impact engine.. I don't ever want to be conceding goals because two of my defenders run into each other like something out of a bad Will Ferrel movie.

Sort of the keepers.. so many goals are conceded because keepers parry the ball too much straight to the opposition striker for an easy tap in.. it's so unrealistic and frustrating.

Momentum.. some call it scripting however I don't like that term, either way EA can deny it as much as they want but there is definitely something in the game which effects a players ability to close down, positioning offensively and defensively, pass the ball, speed etc which changes as the match goes on.. it needs to be drastically decreased as it ruins competitive games.

O and ditch the seasons thing for clubs, it's turned the world rankings into a joke, this fifa being a top 100 club means nothing.

pompombrum2070d ago

Being smart and noticing has nothing to do with it, they'll be hyping this up to be something huge yet it's impact will be minimal. Also I'd argue that intelligence and shot positioning have very little to do with each other in real life football at least.

Baka-akaB2070d ago

The game still feels incredibly scripted , the AI is a joke and the referee is way too accomodating .... as per every year

stglt2069d ago

"All screenshots and assets of EA Sports FIFA 14 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360"

Walker2070d ago

Looks same with fifa 13/12 . i'll wait for PES2014 with freaking Fox Engine !

sway_z2070d ago

Wow!!! ...Do these companies want to see Nintendo fail?

..No Fifa 14 for Wii U ;(

krazykombatant2069d ago

EA is still being a little **** for ninty not allowing their online service to be incorporated with origin.

US8F2070d ago (Edited 2070d ago )

So many effin gimmicks, like every other year. Small changes and then charge $60 and charge for more feature once you start playing. And guess what? It would be bought again and again. VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY AND DON'T BUY THIS CRAP!. Force them to change the game and add many new features. I bet you my life that it would have the same bugs as long as its the same engine. Typical of people, vote EA for the worst company, then pay them for it. Bunch of herds. FIFA 14 is going to be awesome but that's from the outside, god knows what's inside

Konami would show them this year. 2 years in the making, hired 200 people to work on it, fox engine, body and shirt two different identities. Even the edge magazine said the animations are more fluid than FIFA, etc.

Stay with your gimmicks and having most if the licenses FIFA, but when it comes to pure simulation, check out PES 2014. Their games were garbage due to engine limitations but having the fox engine now, I cannot wait.

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