Why return to Rapture?

CVG writes:

"Take-Two recently confirmed that a sequel to 2007 game of the year contender BioShock is hot in development at 2K Marin - a new studio set up especially for the follow-up. But after the near perfect shooter experience that was our first submerse into Rapture, isn't it time for a change of scenery for BioShock?

Rapture is definitely one of the greatest ever triumphs in gaming environments. The moody dystopian corridors, submerged ball rooms and horribly unsettling 1930s art deco are refreshingly unique for a first-person shooter (and there isn't a space marine in sight), and we absolutely loved exploring the damp corridors and mentalist-filled dentist offices.

But the thing is, we don't really know if we want to go back. Rapture's story has pretty much been cleaned up through both the events of the first BioShock and the rich back story laid out in recordings and memos scattered around the city.

If the sequel were to return to the underwater dystopia, surely all it'd succeed in doing is cheapening the events of the original game, like Blair Witch 2 starring Angelina Jolie as the all-singing, all-dancing Witch."

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snoop_dizzle3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I am kinda wondering if they should make another bioshock. The first one was excellent. The environment and the ambiance(while somewhat repetitive at times), were amazing IMO. Add that to an interesting story(the ending(s) could be better), the strange characters of rapture(dr steinman, sander cohen),the philosophical undertones present throughout the game, gave me quite an enjoyable experience.

I hope if they make another one, it lives up to the first one.

incogneato3725d ago

I only want another one if they make a prequel. NO it's not time for a change. Rapture and the 50s theme is what MADE Bioshock. Otherwise it wouldn't have been that special, IMO. Presentation made this game.

Bioshock 2 better be a prequel in Rapture or in the 50s or something. A sequel would blow.

jiinn3725d ago

Videogames are not like films. Its pretty much gauranteed that a game that did as well -- in sales and critical acclaim -- will get a sequel.

Personally, i *WANT* more BioShock -- a PREQUEL would be terrific.

marionz3725d ago

i have read a few fan stories that would be good for the sequel, one idea was you are actually a little sister who was freed from rapture, living in the real world but with no memory of the past, working as a member of some sort of special force or reporter even.
in the future the story of rapture is bust wide open and you are sent to investigate, rapture is now a crumbleing wreck, coral and other sea life living litrally becomeing part of the city, the splicers have become even more twisted and deformed trying to cope with liveing in the underwater hell.
along the way obviously you have to uncover lost memories of your past, and find out what has drawn you to rapture, there is a lew leader but who or what is it and why has it bought you back.

see i think thats awesome!

please 2k do it

snoop_dizzle3725d ago

marionz, thats pretty interesting idea with the little sisters.

Doppy3724d ago

It should be a prequel. You should be one of the scientist that moved to Rapture when things break lose. It would be a lot more insightful and it would be really neat to see rapture go from this utopian underwater city to crud over the game.

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The Closing3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Possible the best looking artistic environments of any game I can think of, but going back would definitely be redundant.

Breakfast3725d ago

Best atmosphere too. Tell me you werent freaked out in the Sander Cohen level.

jiinn3725d ago

After reviewing your past comments -- where you universally insult Xbox 360 games -- you've not played BioShock?

And, your opinion on BioShock 2 -- that it is "redundant" -- is simply an effort to spread FUD on the matter?

Heres a newsflash for you: BioShock is better than any game released in 2007 (perhaps ME or H3..), and that BioShock 2 will be TERRIFIC.

And you'll be back here then telling everyone about how much you think BioShock 2 isnt as good as ZYX PS3 exclusive.

The Closing3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? I didn't say Bioshock 2 is redundant, I said going back to rapture would be because thats the topic at hand smart guy. Learn to read cuz that seems to be your particular problem since you misconstrue everything. And tell me when have I ever outwardly insulted an xbox game besides halo?(which I just plain don't like) I don't have to be a blind fanboy like you, and like everything on the system just cuz. I've played Bioshock, beaten it just like numerous xbox titles, and thought it was outstanding, just like my favorite online game of all time Gears of War.

News flash for you buddy, I used to own a 360 before it RRoDed. Unlike you I'm a gamer first not a brand loyalist. Anything good I have to say about the system is just honest opinion, just like anything negative I have to say it deserves too. Just like all systems have their particular strengths, and weakness, you'd notice too if you weren't such a blind sheep. Now I'll ask you to find something better to do, and piss off, but that seems like too much to ask for a person of your mentality.

Eclipticus3725d ago

if they go back i definatly feel that there needs to be a huge time gap at RAPTURE. Either way before the events in the first bioshock or years after.

But then again why does Bioshock2 have to go back to Rapture at all?

iAmPS33725d ago

Another game I will enjoy on my PC.

Maybe I will even fight the monsters you will only be able to see on the 360 version =D

I don't know why BABOONS spend so much money on the RRODBox if you can play everything on your PC, that's sad, just sad.

poopface13725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

in order to even think of playing bioshock on my PC id have to buy a grafix card that costs as much as my 360. I dont know why TOOL BAGS comment on a system that they dont even own.

gambare3725d ago

I have a graphic card that cost me $150 and runs bioshock pretty well

iAmPS33725d ago

You see gambare, it's hard to some people understand that their console does not offer a exclusive quality experience. They have to come up with lame excuses to rationalize the fact they wasted their money once again.

XBOX = Waste of money
XBOX 360 = Utter waste of money

Sorry XTARDS, next time buy a Playstation.

ghostman1233725d ago

Dude. Stop being a little b!tch. First you tell us that PC is better and people shouldn't spend so much money for a console yet you paid $400+ for a PS3. What an idiot.

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tony3725d ago

focus on making bioshock 2 the way you did the first on(just the way you wanted to make it) but i wouldn't mind get some kind of download content for the first one.

Shankle3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

No way man, downloadable content is ruining games. It's often hugely overpriced and is becoming an excuse for developers to release games with less content than before.
I either want a full sequel or a new game set in the same world, or for them to just let it lie. Bioshock was fantastic, but I don't need anything more out of it. Let the devs make a new ip instead, and just build it to the same or better standard than this stunning game.

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