Focus Home release new Mars War Logs overview trailer, due out in May

Sci-fi RPG Mars War Logs from Spiders Studio is almost ready to blast us off to the Red Planet, but to ensure we know what will await us Focus Home release an all-new overview trailer, narrated by Spiders' CEO.

It's almost 3 minutes long and explores why the studio took a full RPG approach to Mars War Logs. We'll be "forced to take responsibility" for our actions throughout our time on Mars.

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panbit862039d ago

This looks a lot better than i first thought! I'm keepin' an eye on this...

DigitalRaptor2039d ago

This had a lot more potential as a retail title with a larger budget (of course), but I'm definitely picking it up as it still has the elements I thought looked interesting about the original concept.

And it should be relatively cheap on the networks.

T-What2038d ago

Looks very cool, I think I will try it out:)