Woman Buys Old Nintendo Game For $7.99. Turns Out It's Worth $15,000.

Kotaku - It's the archetypal jackpot story of flea markets, pawn shops and antiques roadshows. Someone pays a few dollars for a long-forgotten box at a swap meet and then discovers they have a five-figure rarity on their hands. That describes a North Carolina woman today, who purchased one of the rarest video games ever sold in the United States for $7.99 at a local Goodwill.

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s8anicslayer2038d ago

The fact that she ripped off a goodwill organization is totally missed by kotaku. She purchased the game for 7.99 and knew it was worth 7-15 thousand USD. She could've helped goodwill by letting them know what kind of gem they had and they could've have got the money instead of her dishonest a$$ and the funds would have went to a good cause!

Swiggins2038d ago no no.

If an establishment is selling goods below their value (even if it's not knowingly) it is not the job of the consumer to reimburse the retailer for the difference.

Should the guy who bought a Picasso from an antique shop for $10 for the frame (yes this really happened) have to go back and pay the retailer the difference of several thousand?

I don't care if this lady knew what she was doing or merely got lucky, that's how the chips fall.

Besides Goodwill is in no danger of going under, and maybe from now on they'll check the old games before throwing them into the bargain bin for $8.

DragonKnight2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

@s8anicslayer: Do you understand that most "goodwill organizations" are in fact companies that rake in more money than the $15,000 that that one game is worth? Why should anyone help out a corporation who gets their merchandise in the form of donations and gets nothing but profit from the sales of those second hand goods? When's the last time you saw a person "in need" walk into a Goodwill looking to throw down $15,000 for a NES game?

She wasn't being dishonest. It isn't her job to go around the Goodwill, telling the people there how much everything is ACTUALLY worth. People donate brand name clothes to Goodwill to you know. Should someone who finds a $50 t-shirt go up and tell the cashier "you know this is worth $50 and I don't think I should pay less than that for it?"

I_am_Batman2038d ago

I would've haggled the price down to 4.99. It's their own fault if they sell it with no information of it's value.

s8anicslayer2038d ago

Dishonesty is best policy for most but had this been an seller then a charitable organization then I'd say you point is valid but the woman should've informed them of the value

HammadTheBeast2038d ago

Goodwill gets stuff that people don't want for free, and sells it. They're definitely not the best.

And if she was shopping at GoodWill, she deserves the money. Anyone in their right mind knows that Thrift Shop is where it's at lol.

Dms20122038d ago

Goodwill operates at nearly 0 overhead and makes a ton of profit, its a racket.

ziggurcat2038d ago

"The fact that she ripped off a goodwill organization is totally missed by kotaku. She purchased the game for 7.99 and knew it was worth 7-15 thousand USD."




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josephayal2038d ago

Gamestop is adding %50 to trade in value

MoveTheGlow2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )


You do know that adding 50% of $15,000 to itself leaves you with $22,500 though, right?

Gamestop: That's how they get ya... Math.

iGAM3R-VIII2038d ago

the fact 4 people thought that he was right smh

It would be 15000+15000x0.5=a and a is the amount it would cost.

Spenok2038d ago

You read their comments wrong. They knew he was wrong with his math. Those were just sarcastic comments. Just a little FYI.

iGAM3R-VIII2038d ago

@Spenok I mean this comment "$30,000
Gamestop is adding %50 to trade in value" how is it people knowing that he is being sarcastic because he isnt being sarcastic.

Captain Qwark 92038d ago

i dont care how much expendable cash i had, i would never pay that much for a video game. i wouldn't even pay that much for my fav videogame ever if it was the last copy in existence. some people make no sense to me lol

Salooh2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Yeah, It's crazy. I feel sorry for those kind of people for not using that kind of money on things more value then an old stupid game. I even hate collecting games because it's a waste of money and hiding it won't give me anything and no one will play it again. That's why i kind of hate this generation for having really expensive games and yet won't let me sell the full game(pass codes) . I would stop gaming if i can't sell used games..

Captain Qwark 92038d ago

i actually very much enjoy collecting games. sometimes i go back and play them, sometimes i let my nieces and eventually my kids may want too. that said, they are just games in the end. that kind of money could go almost anywhere and be better spent. no game, no matter how rare should ever exceed maaaaaaybe $200.00

Salooh2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I like selling games because if i don't i won't be able to play the games i want. Buy a game for 25BD and sell it for 18BD. You see how much i'm saving ?. If i bought all the games without selling them i would have spent more then 3000$ on games. You see what i mean?. No one share the games i buy that's why i said it's a waste ^^. But in your case it's great :) ...

Lately i started using a good way to save money and keep the games i bought in the same time.

2 brothers , a friend and me are paying 6.5BD each to buy a game from the store for 26BD. We do this in two accounts. So 2 people using one account and the other 2 using the the second account. When we are done playing the game we deactivate and switch accounts. It's amazing plan.

So instead of paying 200BD on two games for each of us. We each pay just 6.5 so all of us get the game. I don't need to sell anything because the price i lose on buying new game then sell it is the same is gone on doing this way except that i keep the games :P . It's smart way right ?. :D ...

KaBaW2038d ago

There was once a gold SNES game on Pawn Stars that was worth like 30 G's.
If I'm not mistaken. And that dude got RICH.. but it was limited edition.
Apparently there are collectors out there that would die for that stuff..

Hmm. Oh well. It could be an investment, and rise even more in cash.

GuruStarr782038d ago

I've had a few good finds at goodwill and the local flea market... original Ico for $2, original pikmin 2 for $3, sealed pikmin 1 for $2... but still waiting to hit that major 'lick'... it'll happen, damn it, it'll happen...


Relientk772038d ago


and why can't this happen to me

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