PS3 & Xbox 360 Are Still 'Amazing Machines' - Dead Island Dev

"Dead Island: Riptide aims to improve and polish the original in a number of ways, but most important is the improvement to the game's engine and graphics.

We spoke to Sebastian Reichert, creative producer at Deep Silver, about the decision to stick with current gen consoles and whether there was any more power or potential to squeeze out of the PS3 or Xbox 360."

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phinch2068d ago

Dead island was a good game but it was hardly a graphical masterpiece, They could probably make another that looks a lot better

Kurt Russell2068d ago

It had some nice real time lighting, and an actually colourful colour palette which is harder on a gaming engine than you might realise.

I liked Dead Island, once it was patched ;)

Dan502068d ago

I sold it once the kicking uses stamina patch came out.

Az1mov2068d ago

Well too late bro, you had 6 to 7 years to improve on things and use every last bit of processing power on those machines. let's move on now shall we ;) respectfully

x5exotic2068d ago

Obviously he didn't take advantage of how amazing they are.

miyamoto2068d ago

The Last of Us and Beyond are proof that a fully optimized PS3 is Beyond wonderful in terms of graphics ideas, game play ideas , AI, physics, story telling, character drvelopment and we still havent seen The Last of It .

Region Free games has benefited PS3 afaic Still playing Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation on a daily basis across Japanese and Canadian accounts.

e-p-ayeaH2068d ago

Dead Island Riptide better include an interesting storyline with improved character models and better animations.

Oh and the voice acting needs some real talent.

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