Best ever PSP game to be unleashed later this month in NZ

Stand by for what must be the best PSP game yet. I've been playing God of War: Chains of Olympus (Sony, rated M ) - out March 28 - and it leaps from PS2 onto the downsized handheld with a surprising combat system, smooth play, awesome weapons and overall a highly satisfying gaming experience.

In this prequel, Spartan warrior Kratos, after being deceived into killing his wife and daughter in a rage, denounces his service to Ares and pledges himself to the gods of Olympus as he faces the most feared creatures of Greek mythology.

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MURKERR3687d ago

the hardware sales for psp when this released in the UK

furthermore if god of 3 is released this year as hinted at imagine the ps3 hardware sales

truly a game that is a jewel in sonys gaming crown

TheTerminator3687d ago

If the PZ3 gets GOW3 dis year, Judgement day will come sooner, more PZ3s, more curiosity, more need advances in defense systems and artificial intellegence!

kingOVsticks3687d ago

There has yet to be a GOW game that was released in any other month.on a Side note Gow chains of olmpus could be the best psp game yet got to see how FF:cc turn out