GameTrailers TV: Watch Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo Argue Console Wars

Chapter 1: Nintendo Speaks.

Geoff talks to Reggie Fils-Aime about the Wii's future and Daniel finds answers to your user questions about Smash Bros. Brawl.

Chapter 2: The Year of the PS3?
GameTrailers sit down with Scott Steinberg and Evan Wells to discuss what makes this Sony's

Chapter 3: What's left on the Xbox 360?
Geoff discusses the exclusive content Xbox users will get this year with John Schappert.

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sonarus3654d ago

Nintendo: wii has some huge exclusive game from one of their major franchises that will be announced at e3

Sony: pr guy makes claims that gears of war 3 will need blu ray(over stepping boundaries a bit lol) and that they have great content coming this yr. Also says expect new home info in spring. Also confirms home is def coming in 2008.

Msoft: the guy interviewed didn't seem to know much as he only talked about GTA4. He also tried to get the interviewer excited over the DLC but he clearly wasn't. He responded to the sony blu ray comment saying that guy doesn't make games so he wouldn't know.

Meus Renaissance3654d ago

KillZone 2 coming out 2008 confirmed. Everything is being released this year for Sony (aside from FF13)

DiabloRising3654d ago

I wonder then if titles like Haze (and even MGS4?) will suffer from there being almost too much to buy. I mean, there are a ton of possible quality games hitting the PS3 this year. I hope they can all stake their claim to success should they deserve it.

Me, I still can't put down CoD4. Still cuts into 90% of my gaming time. Goddammit. Will Resistance 2 offer that kind of tight gameplay? Hope so. I also noticed a lot of titles are FPS, at least some of the big hitters. Cmon Sony, give me some more platformers (Infamous?) and some RPGs to really sink my teeth into. I'm netting the PS2 Persona 3 FES, but after that, I want some next gen RPG action!

Meus Renaissance3654d ago

Microsoft are milking GTA4 way too much. I mean seriously, he said "we have Ninja Gaiden 2, we have Too Human, we have Halo Wars..all exclusive to the Xbox 360. And this little game that will do well I think, GTA4, with EXCLUSIVE downloadable CONTENT. EXCLUSIVE".

The game is multiplatform and the content is coming out this fall man, stop having an orgasm on it. They're marketting the game as if its an exclusive to the platform, its not. When its released, what will Microsoft talk about after that? Their success with Halo 3 the past summer?

This is my problem with their 2008, there is hardly anything there in my personal opinion. I respect the fact that alot of 360 owners are more than happy with that, but to me and some others its just a little much of the same of the previous year except without the big hitters. Ninja Gaiden and Too Human wont move consoles or get the spotlight like other games will in 2008 on other platforms. And with their constant emphasis of this DLC, Microsoft must feel the same way.

Only Gears of War 2 is what will make people really think of getting an Xbox 360 - that to me, is the real exclusive

sonarus3654d ago

lol its ridiculous. I could understand if it was exclusive content but they go and pay for exclusive content. The fact that it is unannounced leads me to believe it is nothing terribly exciting. But its rockstar and i doubt they would do anything mediocre for their franchise

ThaGeNeCySt3654d ago

If your console isn't really heavy on the exclusive side this year as far as known blockbusters are concerned, why not market what might be the biggest game this year as an "exclusive" and boast about the exclusive content?

MS is trying to gain sales and new customers with GTA IV... and I say go for it.

Mc1873654d ago

360's got nothing exciting this year except for Gears 2. Everything else is [email protected] well they do have GTA4 but so does Sony, i've never bought DLC for a game before and i really am not that big of a GTA fan. I know it's like blasphemy saying that but I'm not.

InYourMom3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

While I agree that what MS has on it's plate does not compare to what the PS3 has on it this year to say that the 360 only has Gears 2 and the rest is crap is lame.

Ninja Gaiden 2, Left 4 Dead, Halo Wars, Too Human, APB are all looking to be some excellent titles. I know there are more but that's all I'm gonna list.

What is crap and what's not is a matter of personal opinion I simply disagree with your statement.

EZCheez3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I don't think that works here.

I don't really have anything to say about this except that as a PS3 owner I have plenty to look forward to. And what's crazy is that once all big guns have been released for this year, there are still a lot of other games I'm looking forward to next year. Sometimes it's a good thing to see something get delayed. No need to shoot your load all at once.

A couple of solid games I can think of for next year would be Infamous, FFXIII, FFXIII Versus, A Heavenly Sword sequel, whatever game Insomniac makes that year (you know there will be one), an Uncharted sequel, and I'm sure there is a lot more I'm just not remembering. Hell, that's enough to get excited about 09 already.

Meus Renaissance3654d ago

And God of War 3, plus maybe a Getaway. A continuation of franchises that will sell hardware.

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