Apple Will Dominate Next Gen Computing Says Readwriteweb

Last week Steve Jobs took the stage at the Apple Town hall meeting and announced two major things for the iPhone: 1) support for Microsoft Exchange and 2) the iPhone SDK. The Exchange support was a relatively unexpected move, but in retrospect it makes perfect sense. In order to unseat Blackberry as the number one wireless player in the US, Apple needed to have an enterprise story. What's more, Apple has realized that the days when people carried two phones are over.

With support for the enterprise (one device for both home and business use), together with its utility as a music player, camera, and web browser, the iphone is well positioned now to be that 'one phone'.

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decapitator3722d ago

I somehow belive this. They are already dominating the casual handheld market with their iphone, ipod and itouch. Mac have recently been gaming as well.

And with Microsoft, focused on their Xbox 360 and wining the console war, they have pushed all their resource on the 360. Every now and then, they toss the PC section some good game.

qohelet3722d ago

microsoft is far from winning...

Kakkoii3722d ago

Lol, Microsoft winning the console war? There pretty much in last place now.

socomnick3721d ago

I really doubt Apple will dominate Computing. All the people that I know that use macs are posers and only buy it because they think they are cool for it. Also if apple were to dominate computing that would be the date innovation takes a back seat. Technology would advance way too slow.

jiinn3722d ago

There are more Vista machines in the world than their are OSX, *BSD and GNU/Linux combined.

The iphone is a mild success, Smarthphones from Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia and *all* take larger shares.

Readwriteweb is trolling for traffic. This story is ridiculous on every level. Apple has about 3% of the PC market.

That != "dominate"

mighty_douche3722d ago

"Apple Will Dominate Next Gen Computing"


mirroredderorrim3721d ago

I don't know about Apple Dominating gaming, but to say the Iphone's had a mild success with a price tag that started out similar to the PS3's, something is totally wrong with you.

The Iphone is a bigger success than you know, and analysts don't know S--- but how to predict. Call them the tech swammies of the 21st century if you feel like it.

ITR3721d ago

Actually Apple is 8.1% now in the US. The yr before it was only at 6%.
Apple tends to take back about 2-3% every yr.
Apple should have 10% of the US market by the end of 08'.
Everybody I know is thinking about buying a Mac.
Even my PC bias friend broke down and bought a MacMini and is now going to buy a MB later this yr.

qohelet3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

we'll all become hip elitist di**head with turtlenecks...
i call utter bs on this one, apple is hip because its the cool-underdog with -nice-features-and-zomg-itunes -and-it's freaking-white-wow111, if they become mainstream you'll see how quickly another brand will be the new thing to have if you're the-cool-kid-on-the-block...
utter BS again...

is there even a next gen when it comes to computers?

mighty_douche3722d ago

MS claims there is with their touchy table thingy.

znu3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

and apple always have their manila envelope(watch the parody video on youtube)

seriously the macbook air, doesnt even have a dvd drive and ive heard its pretty expensive, in a few years the mac will be the same size as an ipod and they'll advertise it by saying "this time it fits in ur pocket"

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