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PS4′s DriveClub vs. PC’s Auto Club Revolution

A lot of racing-simulation games put equal emphasis on drizzling the car porn along with the actual driving experience. Now the genre’s new core pillar is social interaction. DriveClub, from Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios, earned a staring role at Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement event for an attention to fine detail that bordered on outright lust … and a focus on collaborative, asyncronous gameplay that drops you into an actual racing team of friends facing off against other player teams. “We’re making the game we’ve always wanted to make,” said game director Matt Southern. (Auto Club Revolution, Driveclub, PC, PS4)

joab777  +   811d ago
I will take a stab at it and say that it will have a lot to do with platform. Many will go ps4 if tbey have one. But this also taps into the interesting thing about next gen...social interactivity. If u can play a game while watching youtube or take video and post on facebbok etc. It will be awesome. I loved in dragons dogma how u could take snapshots and gamers held competitions for best pics taken while killing beasts. The more interactivity between consoles, smartphones and tablets, and different social apps, the better. Theres also a mention about clubs. I wonder why thks can't be taken further. U hav friends lists, but now I am sure there will be more features for groups of ppl. Many shows today show twitter comments. Imagine if u could twwet at a friend playing a different game or the same one. The possibilitkesr endless.
Sevir  +   810d ago
Tell google/Apple thats its auto correction software on your phone
Is slow, because it ant fast enough to keep up with your missed spellings. Lol slow down and type. :)
ainsz  +   811d ago
Still not sure about this game. It looks beautiful but from what the dev said during the PS4 conference, I'm worried its going to be too much of a social game, than a proper racing game.

Hopefully GT on PS3/4 will fill my racing sim. gap. I found GT5 to be very underwhelming, it just doesn't compare to 3 and 4 on the PS2 besides in terms of graphics.
riverstars86  +   811d ago
I don't think DriveClub is going to be a simulation. Why would Sony need two different simulation games on the PS4? I agree, this game is meant to be a social racing game, I'll say it is going to be a realistic arcade racer.
Minato-Namikaze  +   810d ago
evoluition isnt sim racing game maker, I dont know where people are getting this idea from.
SoapShoes  +   810d ago
Dude GT3 was the biggest let down of all. It didn't compare to GT2 in content or gameplay, it just had pretty graphics. GT5 on the other hand was everything GT4 had to offer and more. It had the most content of all of the GTs. That is until GT6 comes out.
Cirehpsa  +   810d ago
Oooooh man, I really love GT2, it controls so well, damn. Why can't I get it on the PSN?

I've played it with touch screens, keyboards, you name it, it just has wonderful controls.
Jdoki  +   810d ago
GT2 was my high point of the series.

I know I'll get stick for this, but GT5 and 4 are my least favourite. They just feel like re-hashes of the older games with prettier graphics, and with GT5 I even struggle to call it a 'game'... It's more a platform for driving (nothing wrong with being a hardcore sim, but it needs the game to go with it).
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Jdoki  +   810d ago
I agree with ainsz that I am a little concerned about how important (vital?) the social part of this game is. It does seem very focused on teams. But I'm sure it'll be great.

I just hope Sony support USB peripherals, like my Logitech wheel...
WeAreLegion  +   811d ago
It's Evolution. The gameplay will be top-notch. Auto Club Revolution looks pretty good, but I think Project C.A.R.S. looks a heck of a lot better. ;)
ATi_Elite  +   810d ago

the physics and first person view in crashes is amazing.

The gameplay is great and the graphics and detail is better than any other racer ever.
WeAreLegion  +   810d ago
The graphics really are gorgeous. The problem is that with mods, the game will be untouchable in the graphics department. As far as actual gameplay, however, we'll have to wait and see. C.A.R.S. is amazing, so far, however.
Morgue  +   810d ago
I can't compare neither since I don't own a PC and Drive Club isn't out yet.
Cirehpsa  +   810d ago
So you have a PS4 Already? :O
Morgue  +   809d ago
I obviously forgot to add that I also don't have a PS4.
Cirehpsa  +   809d ago
steve30x  +   810d ago
I tried ACR and its an all out arcade racer. Its not my type of game. Driveclub looks interesting but if theres no single player career than I'm not interested
mrmancs  +   810d ago
if they can deliver on what we have seen of drive club then we have the most superior racer of all time. Graphics , gameplay, vision.
Sevir  +   810d ago
Im pretty sure this will be a social based Sim racer.
The tag line the producer used at the PS4 meeting was "Driving the Best cars in the best tracks around the world with friends"

with the level of detail they put into this game I doubt they re create the cars like this only to have them drive like cars or bikes in the motor storm franchise.

its a Sim, and they've hired Talent from from Polyphony Digital, Turn-10, Bizarre Creation, Criterion and Studio Liverpool...

Driving is in their DNA... Evolution Studio has Damn near all the seasoned vets in the driving/Racer genre on console and PC development.

So Gameplay while it will greatly promote social racing in clubs with friends, the driving experience will be top-notch. As they said the cars were created with obsessive detail, not just graphics but down to the driving experience. And the fact that this is only played in first person should put to rest the notion that this game is an arcade racer and not a sim.

Driveclub looks awesome and I can't wait to play it. Solo or in teams, the thought of scheduling a race in London with a challenge time from work on My Nexus7 and have clubs go at it all day, then I get in from work hit the bar, have a drink, check the status of it on my phone then come home turn on my ps4 at 11p/12a on a Friday night or Saturday
Morning to best all these rival clubs'stats with my own buddies in my club has me giddy. And when I'm not feeling social I can tackle the career mode while broadcasting my times, pics, videos, and stats to Ushare and FB, and the Driveclub community has me stoked.

This is Genius! And I hope the Next GT/Forza sees the success of Driveclub takes the features and improve on it and blows it out the water. :)

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