Sony Turns to 'Olympus' to Revive PSP

Once upon a time, tech pundits predicted Sony's PlayStation Portable would be an "iPod killer" because of all its flashy features. But the PSP has suffered from a slightly unfortunate image among gamers and gadget lovers: It's the device that can do pretty much anything, from surfing the Web to playing games, but that actually seems to spend most of its time gathering dust.

As the PSP hits the third anniversary of its U.S. launch this month, Sony is cranking up the fight again. Updates to the operating software have introduced Internet radio stations, for example, and Sony recently made voice-over-Internet service Skype available on the device, meaning that users can make cheap or even free phone calls to anywhere in the world.

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decapitator3692d ago

Man, PSP is a killer system, regardless of what any one says. How the hell do you 'revive' something that was not dead to begin with in the first place ? The system has been kicking ass ever since it launched. And with the recent launch of the slim version, the system just keep on giving with the increase memory and inclusion of Skype.

jackdoe3692d ago

I agree. The PSP has been selling like hotcakes in Japan and its sales in the US are nothing to laugh about.

znu3692d ago

the only complaint i have is that i have a fat psp and the slim has more memory which means it only gets skype,

i wish we fat owners arn't left out in further updates

Torch3692d ago

I was in the same boat as you...but I couldn't resist the urge and picked up a PSP slim from Walmart just yesterday (early self-birthday gift).

To be honest, Skype was the least motivation for opting for the slim...what had me sold was the awesome ability to output to TV in a decent resolution, which in my opinion, is worth the upgrade in itself.

Just imagine the possibilities: Armed with a PC, TVersity Media server, wif-fi router, and a PS3, you can watch absolutely anything from your digital library on a nice full-size TV...without EVER having to insert or copy over any media!

Although I haven't had much time to fool around with it yet (the old one's loaded up with God of War, which is occupying my time), I did notice that the slim is faster than the older model, as well as the fact that I can finally load up and browse N4G...which I haven't been able to do since they upgraded the website a month or so ago.

I think I'm going to reserve my original one for in-car GPS...if they ever get around to finally releasing it here in Canada.

It's understatement when I say that I absolutely LOVE my PSP's!!! I don't know what the hell this author's talking about.

And obviously, neither does he.

Milkman5413692d ago

PSP doesn't need any reviving...every month the sales have been great...yea it's no DS but it can do so many things it's just not a game system...

Iamback3692d ago

I agree, what are this people talking about? It has been "revived" since mid of last year, sales exploded in Japan, and we are getting amazing games this year.
I guess this guys will also tell us that PS2 needs revived.

Gaystation 33692d ago

I wonder what lasts longer. The battery or the game.

crck3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

then a 360 before it red rings though. BTW this exact article was posted about a week ago. Right before the release of GOD COO.

SSJSubgeta3692d ago

I strongly agree with all the comments here, whom ever has owned a PSP and has had the opportunity to explore its possibility's it is one tremendously awesome portable machine.

I mean sure it ain't no Game boy/DS, but to be able to take a good chunk of that away from Nintendo's portable market. Thats something.

The Killer3692d ago

so stupid title!!

they weren't dying to be revived!!
its selling more than 360, so does that mean 360 is dead??

they probably looking to increase their market share not revive their psp!! some fools sneaks to the media.


Why revive something if it's not dead? Oh wait/ HAHAHAHAHHAAH OWNED.

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The story is too old to be commented.