Microsoft acquires another web advertising firm

Microsoft today "announced plans" to acquire Rapt, a provider of advertising yield management solutions. Microsoft said that Rapt's software will be integrated into the Atlas Publisher Suite, part of Microsoft's Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Group. According to the company, the addition will provide digital media publishers with tools for asset and inventory management, forecasting, yield and sales management as well as ad delivery.

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TrevorPhillips3632d ago

i dont like microsoft after what they did u guys didnt here they stoled my xbox faceplate lol

Kaz Hirai3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I see Nazisoft are at it again!


DarkSniper3632d ago


You can enter your comments on this benefitting XBOX 360 in it's poor attempt in overthrowing Sony Computer Entertainment below this line.

Foolishness starts here.


ravinshield3632d ago

god Sony fangirls are patrolling this site 24/7 for microsoft related news

TrevorPhillips3632d ago

from now on ill call them microcock

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