Xbox 360 Prices in US Must Fall to Compete with PS3: Analyst

Initially many gamers as well as analyst were shouting out to Sony to cut the prices of the PS3. But now it seems that the analyst have turned their attention else where. Analyst Jesse Divnich has said that Microsoft will have to cut the price of the Xbox 360 in the United States to slow down the momentum of Sony's next generation console.

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sonarus3693d ago

if they cut the price then the supply issues were B.S.

decapitator3693d ago

To be honest, I think all Sony has to do now is announce that GT5P bundle for US as well and they would not even need the price cut. MGS4 is around the corner as well.

The pressure right now is on Microsoft, their lead has been shrinking ever since PS3 launched. Am more interested to see how they will spin this around when PS3 over outsells the 360 in April since they said that is when their supply issues would be resolved.

sonarus3693d ago

nah gt5 maybe not gt5p bundle wouldn't work the same way. NA aren't as crazy over cars. Sony doesn't need a price drop, but they should cut it anyway to keep 360 on their toes. I expect the cut around MGS4 to provide further incentive for gamers looking to purchase ps3 for MGS4

solar3693d ago


we are pretty crazy about cars here in the US. :D

Glad to be a gamer3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I checked some of your comments and now i understand why you are a rabid Sony fan boy who will do anything to make the competition look bad. you also ignore anyone that says anything neg about the ps3 regardless of facts figures and obvious gamers stance in the console wars.

i think the ps3 is looking great this year but you give all Sony fans a bad name. its a shame this site has people like you still with 5 bubbles says a lot about this site. oh well make that 34.

P.s to normal Sony supporters sorry for interrupting your discussion but i just had to say something. These type of Fanboys lower the reputation of this site.

sonarus3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

lol ok now you are begging to be ignored. don't you have anything better to than to be checking through my profile and looking for my "rabid fanboy comments" by the way produce some rabid fanboy comments i have made??? since you have already looked through them. I have also only ignored 1 user on this site not 2 not 33 but 1. Get a life dude seriously but i am seriously giving you a challenge try to rise up to it or risk looking like a fool. Post one of my rabid fanboy comments for all to see. Post em for all to see.

@solar well look at forza sales, even after being bundled with X360 don't think it has sold 3 million world wide. Since majority of xbox sales are made here in NA i would say yea not as crazy about cars as EU

The Wood3693d ago

sonarus is not a rabid fanboy. I also believe that the supply issues were BS. He is definitely one of the more unbiased guys on this site. At one point I wasn't sure what if any console he preferred. He may not have elaborated on his first point but I feel the general consensus is that the stock issues were BS. You'll find it easier to find rabid comments on other peoples accounts. Being ignored is easy too when you've been here long enough and say stuff that hurts the over sensitive.

Glad to be a gamer3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I think you'll find that 33 members have already seen what im talking about. anyone that reads 360 news knows what im talking about.

whether it negative/positive news for the 360 your there spreading you negative 360 vibe. I own a wii/360 and getting a ps3 for gt prologue and even though i feel the ps3 will eventually win the hardware war i find your comments embarrassing.

"SF beta exc to the 360" Sonarus "doesn't matter the 360 pad is crap for fighting games." Id agree the dpad on the 360 aint the best for fighters but once you adapt it does the job pretty well.What was the point in posting this comment. why do you post these types of comments on every 360 piece of news? I think me and 33 other n4g members know why.

Glad to be a gamer3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

I respect your opinion as ive read your comments before and sure everyone has a right to an opinion but since ive been here ive seen Sonarus comments on 360 news always trying to spin it negatively regardless.

I mean i know that your pro ps3 and last year i was pro 360/wii. this year is gonna be a lot closer for me but at least i can see the good and bad for every system.

Maybe im wrong about Sonarus but from what ive read this is the conclusion ive come to.

Ps I have the exact same view on the rabid 360 fanboys.

The Wood3692d ago

I stay out of most 360 only news because I find it hard to be honest or even show preference without having to walk on eggshells. People should be free to comment on any article but there's 'fans' and there's 'fanboys' I just feel he's a fan.

sonarus3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

lol @ glad to be a gamer, i know its hard but just try. try to get a life. You went digging through my comments and that is the best you could come up with.
I have a 360 and a ps3 (no wii due to supply issues when i wanted and i have basically lost interest now). I have giving 360 controller props on shooters and especially racers imo the advantage in racers for 360 pad is greater than advantage for shooters. I feel ps3 has an advantage in fast paced action games such as ninja gaiden and 3rd person action however the advantage is marginal in 3rd person. The first fighter i played on ANY next gen console was the street fighter demo and the mk3 demo that was available on arcade a while back. I tried to pull off moves i tried to do fatalities but to no avail because the d pad is worthless for such and you almost always have to resort to using stick. Maybe i am just old fashioned but if i play with the 360 controller enough, i could get used to it but i could never enjoy it. Last fighter i played was the VF demo on live it was a little better for VF and i am sure sega made it so because they knew it would most likely be played with the sticks. I voiced my fears that if 360 leads on this one maybe they would also expect ps3 owners to play with stick. That was basically all i said.

SO YES 360 controller is crap for fighters. however why don't you copy paste the comment so we can see how much of a rabid fanboy i am

Comment 1: Due to the difference in controllers between the 2 games i honestly hope ps3 gameplay won't end up strange due to ps3 not getting the beta. But i can understand where they are coming from

comment 2: Was sort of anticipating this but it is something i can very well do without. If ps3 gets lame version i won't buy because i refuse to play fighters on 360 controller

comment 3:if you have played a fighting game on the ps3 and have played a fighting game on the 360 you will know ps3 controller is superior in this genre. I have tried using the 360 d pad but its hopeless i have to resort to the stick and call me old fashioned and traditional but i left sticks for the arcade. I want to fight with my standard d pad like i have been doing for yrs. Essentially any improvements in gameplay will be based upon how the game feels on the 360 controller. Making it feel better on 360 controller could make it worse on ps3.

There you have it now show me where i said 360 controller is crap. Show me where i was being a fanboy. To be clear I was the one that submitted that news post. You think i would submit 360 news to come spread "rabid fanboyism". But for the record i am saying it now the 360 controller is crap for fighters especially 2D fighters like SF.

Do you want to take another shot by actually posting more fanboy comments or are you ready to admit you are fool

Glad to be a gamer3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Looks like someone has multi accounts i think its you that needs to get a life. Multi accounts man.....WELLL BAD. lmao.

Keep it up bro 34 and counting. HERCULES! HERCULES! HERCULES!

sonarus3692d ago

please if you disagreed with this idiot come out and show yourself so he can admit he is a fool. what more do you want man. sometimes you are wrong just admit it. Saying i am a fanboy is like assuming you know me. You don't know me and i don't know you. Why single me out because of ignores lol. 34 ignores and counting. Please by the end of the day i hope i have 60. If you think ignores affect me you truly are a bigger fool than i thought especially since you can just say show comment and see what the person has to say. Making ignores sound like i am a failure in life because i got 34 ignores from n4g.

I truly hope you are a kid like under 17 or something because there really is no excuse for an adult to be such a child. So you truly believe i have 6 multiple accounts and i signed into all of them and disagreed just to make myself feel better. You belong in the open section with bill gates and jack t and all the other kids. I hope you enjoyed your 7th disagree and know 1 was from me

Glad to be a gamer3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Look you can try and take the righteous/mature route and deny your multi account abuse on this site but i don't think your fooling anyone. I don't need to argue my point as i said 33 people already know the truth ,34 if you include me.

You only posted the Capcom news so you u could have a good cry and a moan at how Capcom doesn't love ps3 fans anymore and hate on the +ve 360 news.

I guess i wouldn't care about ignores if i had 34 of them. just like you don't care about the gta 4 exc content. Lmao. Anyone who looks at your comments on this site know that you having a 360 is as likely as you posting a +ve 360 comment. ie zero.


mr_potato3692d ago

I agree with glad to be a gamer Sonurus i love my ps3 and you do too but calm down it's only a console some of you are going to get hear attacks from being so streesed out about your stupid hardware sales and attach rates.

PS: takes some weed to chill

Ovidius3692d ago

I've been through 2 accounts in the past, been on N4G since ohh...last July probably. I've seen sonarus numerous times. He's not a rabid fanboy at all. He simply prefers the PS3 over the 360, but he owns a 360. That definitely means he isn't a fanboy. I mean he clearly said the advantages and disadvantages, pros/cons of both earlier about the controller pads. All he is doing is stating his opinion and it is rabid fanboys who ignore him. Go into any 360 news room and post something about how you prefer something on the ps3 over the 360 and see how many ignores you get!

Gaystation 33692d ago

Including me. Your ignored by 36 and counting.

Blankman3692d ago

All you multiple account phonies.
Glad to be a gamer obviously has a multi account
1. no avatar
2. Glad to be a gamer suggest you are a fanboy and probably lost all your bubbles so re created this account to turn a new leaf lol how is that working out for yo

You got owned. you said he makes fanboy comments and couldn't prove it. I do not know him so i will not judge but one thing is for certain you certainly made yourself look like a fool today. Congratulations on ignoring him, i hope you feel a lot better about yourself.

InYourMom3692d ago

I gotta disagree Sonarus has been a fairly level headed poster here. The reason why he has so many ignores (I got him beat) is because he does post nuetral and even some positive 360 comments. Nothing will get you ignored on this site faster than being supportive of anything Xbox or Microsoft or speaking negative about the PS3/Sony.

dantesparda3692d ago

I actually agree with InYourMoms (dont let it happen again! lol). But yeah, this Glad guy is crazy! Sonarus is too even (ok, maybe he does tilt a little PS3 more) but that's far from being rabid. If anybody is coming of as "rabid" here its you Glad. The only way somebody could think that Sonarus is rabid is if they are far more pro-360 than he is. And im not even a big Sonarus fan, cuz i think he's too neutral, but your comments (Glad) are just too ridiculous! And this is coming from a 360 owner.

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Jack Bauer3693d ago

360 definetly is too expensive, the PS3 is a bargain, and more people will soon see that... MS needs to get that price lowered already!!

TheExecutive3693d ago

Remember last year at this time? Oh how times change.

LastDance3692d ago

I cant believe some1 can say that and it rings true.....
unbelievable...this world is so funny.

Spike473693d ago

they're the ones who need to make a price drop and when they do sony will make a price dropright after.

TheExodus3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

MS should get rid of the Core SKU altogether, cut the MSRP of the Pro SKU to $249.99 & put a BD-ROM in the Elite SKU for $399.99.

Tsalagi3693d ago

IF they were to do a price cut the most it would be is $20 on hardware and maybe on the HDD's. There's no way in hell a Blu-ray drive is ever going to be put inside a 360 either. Maybe a standalone unit like the extinct HD-DVD drive but NEVER an internal drive.

EZCheez3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Price cuts are always welcome. It would be great for all consumers because the quicker a 360 price drop comes, the quicker a PS3 price drop might come.

I don't think it's needed to compete though. It's not like it's that far behind. Now when the PS3 was selling around 70,000 a month in the U.S., that called for a price cut.

decapitator3693d ago

Totally agree with you. I am sure Sony is probably working on a price cut for EU right now. Although it probably wont be put into effect until GT5P launches for PS3.

I mean, with over a million pre-orders for a 'prologue' of a game, why in the world would they want to cut the price now ?