GTA IV will sell six million in one week

Games industry analyst Michael Pachter has claimed Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) will sell six million copies in its first week of sale.

He added that he expected the title would likely reach the nine million mark during its first year.

Mr Pachter, of Wedbush Morgan, also predicted GTA IV will be responsible for recouping $450 million (£221 million) of Take2's expected $1.073 billion (£0.52 billion) revenue in 2008, generating a total of $135 million (£66 million) of the firm's overall profit.

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sonarus3691d ago

i doubt it will out do halo 1st week sales in NA but i full see it outselling halo quite well in EU

Time Lord3691d ago

in every corner of the world..GTA franchise is much much bigger then Halo can even dream of.

kewlkat0073691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

Halo 3 - Exclusive console
GTA4 - Multi-platform

It will do great but to do Halo 3-like numbers in the first week, will be tough, but capable.[With expensive marketing blitz and Mountain Dew Grand theft Auto tonics]

"Bungie" would be flattered Of course going against a multi-platform game.

Eventually GTA4 will destroy Halo's numbers as time goes on. I'd say by 6-7 million total.

barom3691d ago

It's quite possible for GTA IV to do better than Halo 3 in the US. For one the X360 install base has grown, second it comes to the PS3 as well. So basically the potential customers is 2-3 times what Halo 3 had. And I'm guessing it will move some consoles as well.

Oh and a last thing. In the past GTA has always sold better than the Halo franchise.

INehalemEXI3691d ago

GTA sells hot I have no doubt It can do 6 million first week. Theres likely already millions of pre orders.

JsonHenry3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

I still don't get why everyone wants this game. I played 3, and got bored half way through it. The cheap toilet humor and jokes got old, the aiming SUCKED, the driving was actually fun though, but in the end the game was lame. (to me anyway)

The one thing that I did love though - the radio channels and their commercials. It reminded me of SimCopter radio channels from way back.

**Edit- I will read the reviews and play the demo to see if they have added anything that would change my mind. I am not close minded enough to never try a new game out just because the old ones sucked big donkey balls.

Gondee3691d ago

think it will do well, but this game has a bad rep. Most parents wont let there kids buy this one. Even when they allow games like halo3

rareairtone3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

First of all muthaf$%@er, there isn't going to be a demo for this game. 2nd of all, gta 3 was all the way back in 2001. dont you think they've improved on the technology up to San Andreas? all of those games still didn't have hecka good shooting but the stories were improved from gta 3.

obviously from ur disgust of the first game, you haven't read much about GTA IV. well, my good man, they've basically alleviated every one of the problems u have just listed. The story is more engaging because they have focused on the characters more, the game is now ran by a physics engine so driving will be closer to real life as well as character movements and deaths, and the shooting has been refined to a system along the lines of Drake's Fortune and Gears of War(yes that includes a cover system). The graphics don't suck either.

HOw dare u judge this game off of the performance of GTA III, which is a freakn 7 year span. They're not insane, they've learned from their f$#kn mistakes

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TrevorPhillips3691d ago

yea of course man everyone loves GTA franchise

Sayai jin3691d ago

Nope, I never brought any of the toher games in this series, but have played them for a small amount of time. It really was not my cup of tea, but I will finally buy one this time around to see if my opinion has changed.

Marceles3691d ago

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 15 million
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 12 million
Grand Theft Auto III 12 million

6 mil in one week...i'm not sure about that, but it might definitely overtake Vice City's sales total considering the PS3 and 360 versions are being released at the same time. San Andreas sold almost 9 million in the US alone, but it took 3 years for that to happen. This is coming from Pachter with his luck, I'd say he's wrong.

bluhefner3691d ago

I don't know where you got your numbers from but there's no way in hell GTA 3 sold the same amount as san andreas. I don't really remember the numbers 100 percent but I know GTA3 wasn't 12 it was like 8 or 9 million. And I remember Vice city and San Andreas were very very close. I didn't disagree with you btw.

Edit: Unless you were counting GTA's sales with Xbox and PS2 then ignore my entire comment above.

Danja3691d ago

Nope GTA3 sold 11 million on the PS2 actually...

Marceles3691d ago

link...and yes it's total multiplatform sales as of 2007

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sak5003691d ago

Lets keep this story handy since the game will be out soonish. Once this is not achieved we'll throw it back at this analcyst.

LastDance3691d ago

errrr...sure? Good luck. I wouldnt believe those numbers for a second.

Is this the second coming or something?? Have i missed something?

PirateThom3691d ago

Pachter has never been right about anything. EVER.