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Gamespot- Injustice: Gods Among Us Review

GS:Injustice provides a complex fighter with some unique twists, but is found wanting in features that have become commonplace in its contemporaries. (Injustice: Gods Among Us, PS3, Xbox 360) 7/10

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NYC_Gamer  +   746d ago
MK fans should be happy with this game
skeletons  +   746d ago
its a cool game daddyo
Boody-Bandit  +   746d ago
The reviews seem mixed. I don't understand why. It's a really solid game and 10x better than the atrocity that was MK vs DC.

I have only spent a couple hours with the game but so far I feel it is going to fall in the 8.5 to 9 range for me. The only thing I wish it had was a definitive finishing move / super move. Something that is brutal but shows your opponent what's up. ;)
skeletons  +   746d ago
reviewers and casual fighting gamers (not trying to denigrate anyone with this term) dont see value in fighting games outside of game modes and unlockables. injustice is a fun fighting game with some great strategic elements which is difficult to recognize in a review period especially if you arent familiar with fighting games

just my 2c
RELIGHT  +   746d ago
Gamespot gon Gamespot lol. Stupid ass reviews. If you like DC and you like fighting games, you'll like this game.
I like DC & I liked MK9 but Injustice sucked much like MK vs DC did. Saying someone will like the game just because it has DC characters in it or just because it's made by the same people that made MK9 is wrong.
skeletons  +   746d ago
those are some well argued criticisms my friend...

next time we hang ill get u a pina colada slurpy so u can "chill out" brother
antz1104  +   746d ago
"Sucked" like its been out for a day and you played it, or you played them demo for five minutes? It plays just like MK9 minus the blood and fatalities, and has a really good DC character driven story along with all the unlockable extras for each. I think both groups will love it based on that.
DaThreats  +   746d ago
Thought the score was a tad low
Evil_Ryu  +   746d ago
guess i am skipping this
bacrec1  +   745d ago
Uh, Mortal Kombat came out in 2011....

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