OXCGN’s Injustice: Gods Among Us Review- It has begun!


"Everything about Injustice: Gods Among Us, however, does justice to the DC Universe and its characters.

Whilst it may not be as violent as Mortal Kombat, it is crafted to suit the DC Universe more than what MK v DC was."

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BadCircuit1379d ago

This looks like a lot of fun...I still haven't downloaded the demo

Skate-AK1379d ago

You should. I loved MK9 but personally thought this game played better.

gaminoz1379d ago

I'm not a big fighter fan, but with super heroes you can't go wrong.

The review seems low?

PeaSFor1379d ago

how the hell is 7.5 low?

Donnieboi1379d ago

U can't go wrong just because it has super heroes? That's like people saying u can't go wrong because a game has boobs, gore, and/or zombies in it. Gameplay comes first.

Belgavion1379d ago

Passed on MK vs DC back in the day but this one looks the goods

WildArmed1378d ago

Art direction feels much more gritty too!

I"m thinking of picking it up.. it'll be my first fighter since Soul Calibur IV.

DeusExer1379d ago

I'm not a really big fighter fan.

I think connectivity issues really hamper playing against other people, which is a lot more fun than playing against AI.

I always prefer playing a fighter with a group of mates in the same room.