Teen shot over video game - God of War?

The Highlander writes: A 15-year-old Marble Falls boy remains in critical condition at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin with a gunshot wound to the head after what a parent said may have been instigated by a video game called God of War.

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Jack Bauer3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

sounds to me like another bad parent is trying to blame video games again... 15 year old playing GoW...not to mention having a gun out in the open for a 13 year old to get... the parents should go to jail for child abuse.

sonarus3747d ago

i don't know how responsible GOW was for this one but this was clearly the fault of the parents leaving guns out in the open. The level of guns and violence in the US is getting out of control. I think its time they embrace stricter gun policies. With the level of violence people are exposed to everyday and their fragile psyche's, these things are bound to happen. So the re-route the original issue and blame it on video games

BrianC62343746d ago

I blame Kratos for this. He's always killing everyone with his stupid pistol. The kid who shot the other kid was just trying to be like Kratos.

BrianC62343746d ago

Sonarus - We don't really need stricter gun laws in the US. We already have enough. How about going after people who leave their guns out in the open not locked up? I'm not into guns myself but my dad is. And he keeps them locked up in a safe that is bolted to the floor. And he has no kids living in his house. People with guns need to be more responsible.

jadenkorri3746d ago

I'm sorry, even if they were playing COD4, still had nothing to do with video cmon, think about it...

A .22 caliber gun laid out, with kids....I'm sorry but thats just natural selection too me.....

Parents fault... I guess lawn darts didn't get everyone..

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CyberSentinel3747d ago

"gunshot wound to the head..."


"...without saying a word, shot the 15-year-old boy in the head, the parent said."

Sounds like attempted murder to me.

Blind Lemmings, Soft Justice Makes Hardened Criminals.

The Closing3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

I say throw away the key on this little psycho.

sak5003747d ago

How about 1000s of people who get shot over sneakers, coats, jackets, money??

tweaker3746d ago

The media likes to point fingers at video games. I bet somebody got shot over a Twix candy bar.

Scenarist3746d ago

yea good point , the thing is they like to attack video games but there are much worst things people get shot over that never make the news...

Around my way its not uncommon to see people getting shot over Eddie bauer coats or North Face coats.. or anything really that may hold value....if someone walks up to you and wants your coat ..if you dont have a gun on you, then your giving them that coat unless they dont have a gun of course

BrianC62343746d ago

People get shot all the time for money. We must ban money. Money is no good.

FungLip3746d ago

At approximately 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, two youth were visiting the 13-year-old boy at his grandmother's residence, located at 1209 Johnson St., when the 13-year-old decided to retrieve bullets for a gun, which was already out, while the other two boys sat on the couch "insert anything", according to one of the parents.

It could be anything, why highlight a video game? If It was watching cartoons then I guess they wouldn't mention anything about it.

If it was "making out", then the headline would say "Teen shot over homoseuality".

Gamingisfornerds3746d ago

If you keep posting this crap it will only contribute to the typical 'blame it on videogames' non-discussion going on.

Just ignore the trolls (silly parents/media) and stop posting this sh*t.

Gamingisfornerds3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Some things in life are better to be ignored. There's no point in trying to have a sensible discussion with ignorant fanboys for example, as there's just no reasoning with them.

With these parents it's the same, they know bloody well it's their own fault. Atleast, more so than the videogames and they never have any valid arguments to back up their statements. They're just looking for attention and the media will jump right on the hype bandwagon and it all leads to nothing.

Just ignore them and they will realise that they're not getting the attention they want and will look for other means to get the desired results.

Edit: I see you removed your original post. Oh well.

LastDance3746d ago

haha sorry... I wasnt completely happy with what i said.

I see what your saying. Its a very complex issue.

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