Metal Gear Online Beta starting April 14th

The recently updated teaser site for Metal Gear Online has announced that the Metal Gear Online Beta will be starting April 14th 2008.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3722d ago

I get my CD. I have this game pre ordered from for ages.

Rikitatsu3722d ago

The Beta will be available in April 14th , but it won't start Until April 24th

sonarus3722d ago

yea that is what they said before but i don't read Japanese so can't verify but they did say JP wouldn't need to pre order to get in. I will pre order my copy on tuesday when i go to Gamestop. Just wish i had a little bit more info before i pre ordered. This whole pre order thing isn't being handled as well as it can

Lifendz3722d ago

I'm waiting to pre-order until I know exactly where we need to go to get the game early so we can get in the beta.

MrWonderful3722d ago

im going to pre order from gamestop today so when i recieve my stuff

TheExecutive3722d ago

so if I preorder this game from ANYPLACE I can get into the beta?

undacovabrothe3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

All Major Retailers != anywhere

Edit: Meaning bestbuy, walmart, target, gamestop circuit city etc. Im going to best buy easiest place for me to get a preorder. Everyone goes to gamestop thats going to be hectic trying to get your mgs out of that store on launch.

Lifendz3722d ago

Guess I'll put my pre-order in for Amazon. That's a major retailer.

EZCheez3722d ago

Anyway, I can't wait to play the beta. I've had my preorder in for a while and this will keep me occupied for about a week.

I just hope they realise though that on April 29 their servers will be empty. Once I've got GTAIV in my house I'll completely forget about this.

SUP3R3722d ago

You and me both lol
GTAIV is going to be my main multiplayer for the entire summer.
I've been hoping, and I'm sure they are, including leaderboards and unlockables similar to COD4, but with the GTAIV style incorporated.

Hentai3722d ago

That's so close to GT5prolgue. >_<

btkadams3722d ago

lol how pathetic will it be if this game's beta comes before the home open beta let alone the home release. what is taking soooooo long

LastDance3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

yeah they should just release things worked for microsoft.


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The story is too old to be commented.