New Burnout Paradise Island Was Originally In Game?

Nidzumi Writes : We've all heard of developers cutting some content that was originally in game before launch only to release it as Downloadable content later on. Well it appears that the same thing might have happened with Burnout Paradise. Below you'll find two slightly different maps. The first one is the final one that came with the game meanwhile the second one is a pre-release one. We have shaded out what is basically the final map on the second one, to reveal a big island on the...

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killer_trap3750d ago

well as long as we're getting it free then i don't mind at all. perhaps they had to iron a couple pf things in this side of the map but they had a deadline to make.

TheWickedOne3750d ago

Thats the 1st thing that came to my mind. They rushed the release so didn't have time to work out all the kinks. Also games with DLC are said to sell more.

Also it seems that the bottom of the map is quite different, wonder if they will release that section soon as well. Unless this map is a fake.

Lifendz3750d ago

The original map is more than adequate for the game. The fact that they're giving it to us for free speaks volumes about the developer. All I need is in-game xmb and the original crash mode back for this game to be perfect.

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skynidas3750d ago

Yeah we shouldnt complaint if it is free

tweaker3750d ago

Bring it on. I'm already familiar with the entire map included in the game.

undacovabrothe3750d ago

Maybe they couldnt fit the extra map on a dvd so decided to cut it out to make it an add on in the future.

jmare3750d ago

I knew someone was going to say this. Fanboys FTL. At least it's not as bad as some other publishers by charging for unlocking things on the disc and it's free.

EZCheez3750d ago

It's already been confirmed that it will be offered for free, so i don't really mind.

As long as there aren't amy more of the damn billboards and smashes to get. It took me forever to get those!