The Official Halo Sneakers

So you bought the Halo 360, you bought the Halo controller, you even spent your college fund buying Halo figurines... All for you to find out that you don't own everything that is Halo...

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Sayai jin3725d ago

I guess there are some die hard fans that will by them. Imagine getting you arse kicked by a guy whering Halo shoes, how embarassing. Or even worse some Super Mario shoes. LOL!

Gaystation 33725d ago

I look forward to kicking Blademask, tidus007 and mighty_douche in the head with these.

Nostradamus3725d ago

my pride would hurt worse than my face!

InYourMom3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Classic Gaystation! Can I have next dibs? Add Bill Gates and Dark Sniper to that list.

Man, that would be a dream!

mighty_douche3725d ago

I would wet my pant's if i saw someone wearing those!

Mc1873725d ago

it's all in the Moowchendising.

InYourMom3725d ago

some kind of response to the Metal Gear Solid shoes from yesterday?


jiinn3725d ago


The MGS shoes are totally cool and original and great. These shoes (that may have been announced months ago in fact...) are somehow less cool and are a "response".

Lame indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.