New Jersey SAFE Task Force Makes Recommendation for Mature Games; What More Do They Want?

VG Republic Writes: The New Jersey SAFE Task Force that was given the responsibility of overseeing and bringing down recommendations for violent video games submitted their report today and are calling for stiffer regulations for selling and renting video games that carry an Mature or Adult Only rating. The 83 page report can be found here for download on CVG, and the main points can be pulled out in a minor amount sentences and the results are laughable. The events that took place in Newtown, Connecticut were tragic and horrid to think about and games should be analyzed for their impact on adolescent minds to ensure that what people are playing are not giving them alternate thoughts they might not otherwise have. The issue is that even after the fact the greater rules and regulations that are handed down, limits a constitutional right of the freedom of the press, which does cover the digital media distribution. Even with that in mind, should they so decide to pass down more regulations the ones that were pass down today are simply laughable.

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