110° Live 08; Time Crisis 4 FPS gameplay

Direct from Live 08 at Wembley Stadium; demonstration of the new GunCon 3 controller in FPS mode.

"The GunCon 3, in it's orange blazing glory, has a whole host of buttons and a thumb-stick on the back that allows you to look around, strafe, jump, reload and change weapons, as well as operating items such as doors.

It looks awkward to begin with, but feels fairly natural after a short time. What will make this much more fun is the online multi-player, which is expected to support up to 10 players."

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RedSoakedSponge3629d ago

nice to see something trying this technique out. Iv always wondered what a light gun game would play like if it werent on 'rails' so to speak. I ges ill be able to find out for myself soon enough. Looks interesting to say the least.


resistance1003629d ago

Got this game and i really like it, still i was suprised how popular this was at LIVE today

Rama262853628d ago

I didn't get a chance to play it actually, I plan to give it a try tomorrow though. I have a feeling with it being set up so close to GT:Prologue that it was overlooked by some (if not most) people.

resistance1003628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

True, that GT5:P stand was crazy, hoping tomorow is quieter, see you tomorow lol. I want to beat my time on GT, when i did my lap i was the second fastest overall at the time

Guwapo773628d ago

Good luck Resistance100!!!

Ri0tSquad3628d ago

Killzone 2 video.

I love Time Crisis.

poos33628d ago

this is what the ps3 is capable of time crisis 4 was built on the ps3 and cjheck the amazing grapics out

belal3628d ago

looks great !!!!! im gonna pick it up !!!! when does this game come out ?