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EU Commission Launching Investigation Over "Doubts" About UK Games Tax Relief

Today the UK games industry got some bad news in the form of postponed tax breaks for the industry. The EU Commission has decided to launch an "in-depth investigation" as to whether the cuts are needed as doubts were raised over them being needed at all. (Industry, TIGA, UKIE)

kyon147  +   836d ago
Just when you think the UK will do something right for the games industry they take it back.
Panzart  +   836d ago
Maybe with time. Not a good omen though.
buddymagoo  +   836d ago
Another reason for us to want out of the EU.
BattleAxe  +   836d ago
Vote for the UK Independence Party. Nigel Farage would be the best Prime Minister for the UK.

dangert12  +   836d ago
We will never take anything we was good at back...

We shit at everything now and all we do is sell and buy from each other lol
Kurisu  +   836d ago
Or loan it, what with state of society as a whole at the moment meaning that's you need to borrow just to be able to afford most of the time, especially for those on low income. It's not just the game market that's suffering, it's everything / everyone. Sorry I've gone off topic for a bit, it's just been sitting on the top of my tongue for a while and this was just the right conversation to express that view.
SpringHeeledJack  +   836d ago
The EU interfering in national governments and telling them what industry they can and can't support yet again. The sooner we leave the EU and get our freedom back the better.
Dannehkins  +   836d ago
Are the EU idiots?

This tax relief was brought in under the former Labour government and the Conservative-Lib Dem government scrapped it when they got into power. Now they've done a U-turn and brought it back in.

So what's changed EU? You didn't seem to have a problem before.
tigertron  +   836d ago
Damn you to the depths of hell, European Union.
kwyjibo  +   836d ago
I'm a UK taxpayer. I do not want my taxes ploughed into games industry subsidies.
M4I0N3  +   836d ago
completely agree, rather they spend fixing the country in more productive ways
ShaunCameron  +   836d ago
England should have never joined the EU.

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