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Defiance Not Faring Well As Trion Worlds Unveils Low Gamer Turnout

FleshEatingZipper writes: When you think about it, six million hours of gameplay sure sounds like a lot of time. That’s the figure announced by Syfy and Trion Worlds in a joint press release (that I’ve included below) on how many gameplay hours had been invested into Defiance, the game half of the multimedia hybrid that’s also a show on the aforementioned network, but when you break it down, it doesn’t really seem like much. (Defiance, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Myst  +   953d ago
Wait why did you compare Defiance a new type of game that had no legs behind it to Halo 4 that had a couple behind it?
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TFXR  +   953d ago
It was a heavily-marketed MMO, in which gamers are encouraged to spend far more time playing than a normal shooter, so it makes a lot of sense.
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Nitrowolf2  +   953d ago
eh no it doesn't. Halo been in the market since 2005, that's 8 years of work. While Defiance may have been marketed as that, Halo 4 had a bigger launch and more sales than Defiance, (Halo 4 had nearly 4 million players the first week).

Just because a game was marketed to have a long lasting value, doesn't mean it'll match sales of another game. 1 Million two weeks, and the clock time being compared to a game that sold 3-4 Million in it's first week, of course Halo will have more clokced hours.
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ATi_Elite  +   953d ago
1. A million units sold, then the PC version must have done wonders on the Digital Download side cause according to *VGchartZ* Defiance is at 290K total. (Not including Digital PC numbers)

2. What Marketing I don't remember any Marketing on Defiance. First time I saw Defiance was someone playing it on Twitch.TV during the Beta!

3. Why the hell compare this game to Halo 4! Seriously a well established Franchise compared to a new I.P.

Hell why stop at Halo 4 just compare it to Black Ops 2!

*Yes I used VGchartZ numbers. If you gotta a better site for game sales please let me know!
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Oschino1907  +   952d ago
I have the Digital Deluxe on PS3, many others I play with who knew they were gonna stick with it also got it digitally on PS3.
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MonkeyNinja  +   953d ago
The running theme in the article seemed to be that the game should have sold more because of heavy marketing, so apparently publishers (or maybe journalists) haven't realized that marketing just gives exposure to a game. I personally wasn't excited at all for the game, and heavy marketing isn't going to change my mind. Just like very little marketing doesn't make me like a game less. Obviously people just weren't intyerested in your product, or maybe they just spent their $ on something else, planning to buy Defiance later when all the bugs have been worked out. Plus, MMOs are more of a PC market, I don't think there's many gamers who care about MMOs. Does anyone know how well Dragon Quest X is doing? Is it even available outside of Japan yet?
TheSaint  +   953d ago
It's a bit boring after a while, just jump around with RT held down and you're golden.

Plus levelling is meaningless. Overall it's just not a very good game.
felidae  +   953d ago
lol, what are you talking about?

just hold down RT ... pfff, lol!
Soldierone  +   953d ago
I keep hearing how well marketed this game was, yet I didn't even know about it until the beta released for PS Plus. I didn't know it was a show until after the game released and a review mentioned it.

Game was fun, I'd love to play it. Not for 60 dollars though because I saw this coming a mile away. Any game focused online needs players to be good, and counting on others to play something other than COD is a pain.

Watched the show and it sucked, but its on Sci-fi so didn't expect much to begin with.
WeAreLegion  +   953d ago
Maybe because Fallen Earth has been out for a couple of years and we don't need a watered-down version of it?
felidae  +   953d ago
oh boy, you don't know what you're missing.

Defiance is great!

can't wait to watch the pilot today.
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landog  +   953d ago
i think most people looked at it (those with mmo experience at least) and said to themselves, "self, this will be free to play in 2 months tops, i think i will keep my $65"

thats what i said to myslef at least, and, i'm pretty sure i'll be right

"good job self"
Seafort  +   953d ago
It's already free to play in the same vein as Guild Wars 2 is.

Defiance is a solid 3rd person shooter but for me a short term MMO. It lacks depth but is alot of fun while it lasts.
Fil101  +   953d ago
Your spot on it is alot of fun while it lasts and for me that's gonna b very soon as I live in the UK and for some reason cannot hook up with my buddys state side which sux as thats the reason I brought it. I've sent 2 emails asking why with no response and have been all over the forums. Are the servers region locked ? because I cannot find an official answer.
landog  +   953d ago
i mean, literally, in 2 months, the entire game will be absolutely free, and boosts, items, pets will be sold for microtransactions...its what happens when an over-hyped, over inflated, run of the mill mmo comes out and does mediocre numbers

circle of life

i'll play it when its free in 2 months and there are more players (cause its free) and less bugs and much better graphics on pc....at least they better release some high res texture patches, eq2 from 2004 looks better...literally
PS3gamer4life  +   953d ago
Ppl need to play this game its really that good its a 9 to me and it's worth 60 bucks
felidae  +   953d ago
oh yes it is.

most controversial reviews for a game ever!
WitWolfy  +   953d ago
Well if they release it in my region (South Africa) I'd buy it NOW!
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felidae  +   953d ago
it's funny how all the reviewers gave this game an above average score and all the people playing it are really really enjoying the shit out of it.

myself included.
Digimortal  +   952d ago
Here's the thing with Defiance. The show plays a huge part in this game and with Added goals, rewards and content every week once a new episode is on. The game is just going to keep getting packed full of content. That's not including DLC as well. Plus give the game more time, it will start to pick up even more down the road. With the show getting 2.7 million viewers is a good start. Plus once gamer's start to understand what the game has to offer. It will slowly pick up more and more over the coming months. So far, i can't stop playing it. Its so damn addicting.

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