Super R-Type and Spelunker for Virtual Console this Monday (USA)

This week's theme for the North American VC releases is frustration. After getting DoReMi Fantasy last week Nintendo must have been concerned that they had been letting gamers have an easy ride. Not so this week as both of the games on offer this week are devilishly fiendish by comparison!

Super R-Type on the SNES isn't such a bad game and is welcomed on to the Virtual Console as a good game which is soured by a lack of checkpoints when you die. Yes that right, if you die on that fiendish end of level boss you have to replay the whole level again! It makes what would have been an otherwise enjoyable shoot-em-up blast very frustrating.

The forgotten NES platformer Spelunker is frustrating from the very beginning. Ever wondered how many ways it is possible for a videogame character to die? If so this is the game for you. This is best avoided.

So there you have it, a darkly sinister space war or going deep underground to navigate perilous caves. The choice is yours!

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