Call of Duty 4 DLC : Chinatown Preview Video

On GameTrailers TV you can see the first ingame footage of the new map Chinatown which is a remake of the old Carentan map from COD2. The map is to be included in the new DLC coming this spring for Xbox Live and PSN.

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Ghoul3542d ago

More of that please, i wanna see the other maps too :)

sak5003542d ago

Only 3 maps??? Better make them free then.

Valin3542d ago

There are 4 maps, Chinatown (seen in the vid), Creek (Kinda like overgrown but much more woodland) , Broadcast (Based on the Campaign mission 'Charlie don't surf') and a Free bonus map Killhouse, based on the training level in the single player campaign. And since they said that the 4th one is a free bonus map that leads me to believe that the other maps will have to be paid for.

XiaoSet3542d ago

Yeah, they said 4 maps, so I guess 3 are paid for, 4th is free.

caffman3542d ago

and did anybody else notice that he hinted heavily that the 360 version will be out long before the PS3? "its on xboxlive live in march and on the PSN when?""Err we're hoping for spring"

RedSoakedSponge3542d ago

dont be a [email protected] it sed nothing about the 360 maps being released in march. i just watched it back. talk about getting my hopes up u d!ck lol.


caffman3542d ago

however is that any reason to call someone a [email protected]? No. Did you make yourself look an idiot saying that? Yes

Tryst3542d ago

Caffman, I think you made yourself look more of an idiot by saying what you said.

Yi-Long3542d ago

... more DLC we will have to pay extra for! Thanks Activision(!)

I'm getting sick and tired of this BS...

(yeah yeah, you dont 'have' to buy it... )
Kinda sucks when you already paid 60 EURO (not that toymoney dollars, but euros, which are actually still worth something in the real world), it's kinda sad and annoying to see more content only 3 months later where they want you to spend even more money on...

Ghoul3542d ago

Actually these are hard worked maps by the infinity ward team so i see no problem in paying for them. you pay what you get thats ok, and as long as they dont charge a fortune for it im ok with it, 4.99 would be an apropiate pricetag

Yi-Long3542d ago

... in the days of PC, extra maps were just free, as a treat to the gamers who bought the game. It showed that the developers cared for their fanbase, and for their product, to give us something extra to extend the joy we had with the game.

Sadly, it seems those days are over, and developers only care about our money.

Anyway, I say, talk with your money, not your mouth, so I wont be picking up any game which uses DLC scamming, and just wait till they hit budget price instead, and maybe then pick them up.

I would have bought Crackdown fullprice, but because of the DLC, I still havent bought it, and TBH, I doubt that I ever will, now that other and better sandbox games are coming out.
Forza 2 I also wasnt planning on buying, same reasons (but I won a copy in a contest instead)

Naruto, I LOVE the anime, but will never pick up the game, which altough it's good, it asks for extra money for the DLC characters and stuff... which I'm not willing to do.

Sadly though, a lot of people seem to have no problems at all with first paying full price for a game, and then having to spend even more to get the full, complete experience.
So I guess, sadly, DLC (which you have to pay for) is here to stay. :(

Shankle3542d ago

Have you ever played a PC game? People make tons of maps for free.

Ghoul3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

yes i have played nearly every pc game available, dont try to educate me please, im gaming for over 20 years now, no matter what platform.

but in the times of these graphic intense games it takes serious manpower to develop such high quality maps, and that cost quite some money on the dev side.

And yes those times are over you gotta pay for such content, or rely on custom maps wich "almost" never offer new assets (mainly reused ones from the maingame/maps).

I'm totally against keeping finished stuff out of the game just to sell them as dlc later on, but i support if they develop new content after the release to keep the game fresh and then im willing to pay for it.

And yes they should make the modtools available so people can use custom maps on consoles too.

LastDance3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

5.4 -
"yes i have played nearly every pc game available."

That is a fair effort.

What did you think of agather christies , murder on the orient express.

I enjoyed it but i thought some of the side missions were absurd. But its nice to play something different.

What did you think?

ps/ paying for 3 maps is not very fair. I will never pay for extra content. especially when its lag fun fest everytime i go on. Thats like paying for images on a profile.

Bolts3542d ago

Thanks to Live console gamers are used to getting riped off. Frankly I hate paid for DLC, because they tend to split the community. As if there isn't enough lag and disconnects now the paid maps will make everything worst.

Ghoul3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

agree @ above
well im bailing out of this discussion :)

i strongly support free DLC but i can "understand" when devs start charging for them (posted the reasons below). Thats all im saying nothing else.

you know my statement if the content is new developed i think its ok to pay for them, if its left out content from the maingame its not.

Live is a huge ripoff, and no i havent played agatha cristies :), (common sence would imply i havent played all games but many) :)

i meant with my sentence that i played far to many games, mods whatsoever so im not a 15 old kid with the 360 beeing his first console and getting used to be ripped off.

LastDance3542d ago

you can never play to many games. haha.

3542d ago
lawgone3541d ago

Wow, now we've gotta listen to Europeans bragging about their Euro? LOL It only took a few hundred years to come up with one uniform currency for all of Europe but good job. But don't can come the US right now and buy stuff for cheap. Wish I could.

ZeroXMD3541d ago

You paid 60 euros?! Ok, I paid 60 dollars and I think that the euro is almost double the dollar's worth so you pretty much paid double what americans paid for it, lol. I'll be the first to say that the dollar is almost worthless nowadays (thanks to bush, the "federal" reserve, and the BS NAFTA) but at least it's not NWO money. Honestly, i would still be supporting my country's currency and not that One World Government money. They are making the dollar worthless because they are trying to push the Amero on us and make N. America into the NAU.

put onto the point, I understand the cost of making new maps now but really, it's the PS3 gamers that are getting screwed on the charge for the maps. Xbox live gamers are used to getting screwed and paying for DLC when Sony's has usually been free (- full games) because the DLC on ps2 was free (ex. Camos for snake in MGS3). I know that sounds fanboyish but it's true.

Also, wasn't Overgrown and Downpour DLC maps? We couldn't play them on 4 person split screen on my friend's 360 so I thought they were extra maps.

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