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Tom Chick: "Defiance is mostly lacking meaningful connective tissue. It fails at the fundamental task of feeling like a thoughtfully designed and polished game. It fails at feeling like a world. It fails at giving you much to look forward to once you’ve realized you’ve seen most of what it’s ever going to do. You can only get so far with 'it’s fun to shoot stuff'. About Defiance far."

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UnHoly_One2065d ago

I guess I really like shooting things, because I love the game.

Captain Qwark 92065d ago

i did for about 15 hours. then as i continued the story and every mission was "go here, disable 3 turrets, protect npc, end of mission" it became laughable. i realize thats the gameplay esp for mmo's, go here, collect or press this, etc. but there are ways to mask that with different objectives. literally disabling turrets or generators every time just seems lazy to me

MysticStrummer2065d ago

Every mission had you disabling turrets and/or generators? I must be playing a different game.

UnHoly_One2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Yeah there are a lot of missions that have similar objectives, but I can't say that it seems like it's any more so than other games.

Th3 Chr0nic2065d ago

newsflash...every MMO consists of "go here do this" so stfu already thats the lamest excuse ever for not liking a game.

in fact im gonna start hating all games cause they all just tell me to push this and push that im sick of it, where is the originality these days. im tired of pushing buttons wtf!!!!!!!

Bimkoblerutso2065d ago're suggesting that monotony is NOT an appropriate reason to dislike a game? Monotonous mission objectives have long been one of the defining weaknesses of the MMO canon. This game is no different.

Th3 Chr0nic2065d ago

Bim, thats my point. if you go into a MMO with the expectation that you wont do the same crap over and over then you shouldnt be playing MMOs

felidae2064d ago

there are so many different Archfalls, side and co-op missions that i really don't know what you're talking about.

Captain Qwark 92064d ago

im talking strickly about the story missions for starters. i have no beef with go here, push this, rinse and repeat. my problem is they dont "mask" this well enough. even the most varied mission on the dock ended up the same way until the end when i got to run from the explosion. they could easily add more interesting storylines to the missions. they could have chase mission since we have vehicles. they could have missions where you use stationary turrets, they could have missions where you have to do a little platforming to get high up and then maybe snipe a bunch of dudes, they could do stealth missions, etc.... all those ideas i came up with in minutes. they had years to create them and they came up with go here, disable this, protect this for almost every story mission.

1. i agree the co-op is fun but they unlock at a snails pace and the end bosses dont even drop loot giving little reason to do them over and over. the mid bosses do but it makes no sense the end bosses dont.

2. the arkfalls are cool for the first few times but they too are the exact same things over and over.

3. there still isnt enough enemy variety, they should have a few enemy types per zone. this isnt as huge of an issue but more would be nice.

4. ive heard san fran looks different but beyond that every other place looks exactly the same leaving little reason to want to explore

5. lastly, the other side missions such as rampage, time trials, episode missions, those are positives. i enjoy them.

6. deathmatch modes are cool but only 2 maps?? wtf

overall though, once the "omg new game" wore off, i felt i was left with a super repetitive tps and nothing more

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Th3 Chr0nic2065d ago

Oh wait this is written by Tom Chick, Ive long been annoyed by his writing. sorry but its true and im not the only one