The Making Of... The Thing

Blood on snow, axes buried in a frozen doorpost, a dog's head splitting open like the petals of a flower: as a videogame license, The Thing is intriguing but unconventional.

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TrevorPhillips3721d ago

i didnt like the movie i thought it was kinda stupid

InMyOpinion3721d ago

The original? Or has there been a bad remake, as with all other horror movies that don't need remakes? I like the original John Carpenter version.

neonchez3721d ago

actually the Carpenter movie is the remake. the original was called The Thing From Another World(1951).

Fux4Bux3720d ago

Sci-Fi channel did an awful remake and that might've been what you saw. They've done the same to a few other movies and totally butchered them all like The Shining. I really don't get why they freaking do that because they could just show the real movie.

TrevorPhillips3721d ago

i think there remaking it but i think they shouldn't cause you know what happens when they convert games into next gen console

PimpHandStrong3721d ago

old school horror flics

They really set the tone of isolation really nice.

Didnt they have a The Thing game on the PS2? I thought i played it. I didnt read the article

InMyOpinion3721d ago

It was on both the PS2 and the Xbox. Great game.

Gorgon3721d ago

It was on PC too. A bit crappy, but I've seen worse games. Too bad, a good dev studio would be abble to do a pretty nice game with the setting.

TrevorPhillips3721d ago

yea i had it but i think there remaking it again as written as above my other comment.

LastDance3721d ago

i thought it was a good movie.. I loved the suspence and isolation. And kurt russell...naturally

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The story is too old to be commented.