Are we ready for always online consoles?

8Bit Envy's Justin Fenico takes a look at the current trend of developers embracing the idea of an always online console.

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AmayaAi2072d ago

Not until internet is cheap as anything and the connection never drops.

darthv722072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

more like we have had the potential for several years now. the platforms are essentially transparent. its the discretion of the game companies if they want to require an always connected program.

With more games focusing on the online multiplayer and less on local single or multiplayer, it seems inevitable that if you are playing the game online, they are going to eventually switch things over to using it all the time.

edit @justin. yeah its need vs want. There may be games that dont "need" to be online to be played but the developers "want" you to be online to enjoy that aspect of it. Its why they have been putting so much effort into the online portion of games over the last several years.

Its an obvious thing that if a game is online multiplayer ONLY then you will need to comply or not play. MAG was a pretty good game for PS3. It may have had some sort of offline mode but the main selling point was the online pure and simple.

Nobody buys WoW to play by themselves. they buy it because of the inherent desire to play with/against others around the world. Many think the hot topic is related to DRM which is a natural progression of things.

First step is to get people hooked on the concept of playing games online. Next step is putting a security measure in place to verify the validity of these gamers and their games.

My only concern is if we get to a point where the service is no longer available for older titles that cant be supported due to congestion and newer titles taking over. I have several original xbox games that I enjoyed online but since the original service was shut down...I can't play that portion of the game anymore. We may be facing that situation soon enough with the newer platforms from Sony and MS.

Understandably, they will likely transition new services to accommodate the new platforms which may not serve the existing ones for much longer.

JustinNico2072d ago

That's kind of how I word the article Darth. It's not whether or not we're ready, if it's we want it. It's not like a game needs an always on console, so what are gamers getting out of all of this? Show me a killer game that needs that kind of functionality and then you might be able to sway me, but until then, no thanks.

AngelicIceDiamond2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

I still don't get where people are getting always online from? Has this been announced or something? Isn't the new console suppose to be "Always on because of its cable features?

@Justin that rumor was, well, "cleared up" by another rumor, sorta speak. these are much more recent rumors in case you haven't heard.

JustinNico2072d ago

There were rumors that the next Xbox was going to be always online to prevent piracy and disallow users to play used games. On top of that, a lot of developers have expressed interest in an always online console for those exact reasons (moreso to combat piracy).

Granted, nothing has been set in stone but the fact that some companies are for it shows where the needle is pointing.

SilentNegotiator2072d ago

"until"? I'll take a online-only consoles when pigs fly.

GetSnooked2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

OMG look, it's a flying pig!!

lol :D

(just fyi, I didn't have audio because I'm in a computer lab so... I don't actually know what they say)

Boody-Bandit2072d ago

I'd personally rather not have always on. It wont deter me from getting a "next box" but it must support used games and rentals. If it supports only new games? CIAO. It's been a lot of fun over the years but I feel we have grown apart.

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Cam9772072d ago

Change that name, only the next XBOX is rumoured to be AO.

jukins2072d ago

Yes just do it please so the complainers can just get used to it because like it or not eventually its gonna happen

LOGICWINS2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

MOST people aren't ready. But here's the thing. MOST people aren't willing to spend over $199 on a gaming console. Hardcore gamers like myself are the select few that these consoles are aimed for. Given that we are willing to drop half a grand on a gaming console, it is ASSUMED that we are well equipped in other areas of technology(fast internet connection, HDTV etc.).

While I should have the OPTION to play my games offline, a PRIMARILY online console wouldn't be a problem for me as my connection is awesome.

Even if this "always online" rumor turns out to be untrue, you can bet that certain games(Watch Dogs for example) will lock out many aspects/features of the game if you play offline. Ubisoft has been saying since last E3 that Watch Dogs single and multiplayer components are virtually the "same". You could use your imagination as to what that means.

You people think that Watch Dogs' cellphone/tablet compatibility will work without an Internet connection? You may not be forced to use a connection, but you can bet your ass that your experience will be much more limited without one.

If Sony/MS gave people a choice of a $200 discount on an always online console vs. spending $200 more on a regular console, I'll GLADLY go with the first option.

Minato-Namikaze2072d ago

I think you are confusing "required online" with "always on". My Ps3 is technically always on but there are times i dont have a Internet connection for one reason or another so i just play offline. what people are trying to figure out is whether or not MS will have a required online system, which would mean you cant use your system if you dont have an internet connection.

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