Battlefield 3 96-Hour Double XP Event Details Revealed

GR - "DICE has announced a new double XP event for all Battlefield 3 players. Open to all players regardless of platform or what DLC they own."

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CaptainSheep2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

So close to my exams. Why, Dice, why? ;___;

Dirtnapstor2070d ago

I here ya! But if you stray too far from your norm, you won't recall the same with your studies. Brain breaks!

iRocket2071d ago

Pretty cool for them to make for everyone. Well, I think I'm scheduling Battlefield for one specific time...

Avernus2071d ago

Double XP? Not everyone has reached 100 col yet? The game's been out well over a year now :O

MooseWI2071d ago

Almost 2 years, but no, to reach 100 colonel you would have to put serious time in. I am colonel 10 with 144 hours.

iRocket2071d ago

Not everyone plays Battlefield all the time. I'm 23 Colonel ATM and not in a hurry to level up. Sadly actually PTFO does not result in as many points as run'n gunning in CQC.

ShabbaRanks2071d ago

Im lvl92 -_- lol so this is good for me xD

xabmol2070d ago

144 hours? LMAO! n00b

famoussasjohn2071d ago

I'm at 90 on Xbox, I stopped for a while and have picked it up a bit since then. Hopefully I'll get it during the double xp period. Was wondering when they'd do this.

Avernus2071d ago

What? PTO doesn't get you points? What game mode? I play a ton load of CQ, not CQC, and I play the objective.

People need to remember it's not only objective that nets you points. My main class was Engineer, and did my job, destroying vehicles. People need to play their role.

I agree that playing Recon won't net you a whole lot of points though, but other classes, yeah, depending on the map.

famoussasjohn2070d ago

Playing recon can actually get you a lot of points. Put down a spawn beacon and either a MAV or the T-UGS and then you'll start getting points left and right. I usually play CQ and put it near a capture point and net myself quite a few points and ribbons. I don't normally use a sniper rifle either though. Usually the UMP45 on CQ maps.

Skate-AK2070d ago

I got it at launch, own every DLC, and am less than level 10 Colonel

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CynicalKelly2071d ago

What is the point in leveling up after you unlock the weapons? Seems rather pointless, like the rank in Gears of War.

ShabbaRanks2070d ago

at LvL100 you get the Roman bellic : I love fake Titties DogTag

secretcode2071d ago

Well happy birthday to me.

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