Gamer builds 15 consoles in one, all playable with single gamepad "After three years and over 3,500 man-hours, modder extraordinaire Bacteria has finally completed "Project Unity," a "Swiss army knife of retro gaming pleasure" that jams 15 classic game consoles into one box. It's kind of like Ben Heck's "Ultimate Combo System," but beastlier.

Valued at about $1,075, Bacteria says Project Unity contains "one master controller," which is just, wow. It also has "one SCART output, one power supply, one custom made switch unit" — another equally impressive engineering feat."

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Snookies122065d ago

When is this coming out and where can I buy one? Lol!

sobekflakmonkey2065d ago

Move over PS4, Nextbox, WiiU and Gaming Rigs, theres a new big boy in town.

MaxXAttaxX2064d ago

Couldn't help but notice he forgot the memory cards....

decrypt2064d ago

"Move over PS4, Nextbox, WiiU and Gaming Rigs, theres a new big boy in town."

Lol will be a mess, Just a get a PC emulate all old consoles problem solved.

Reason being, not only will it be a mess having accessories of every console laying around. Old consoles dont look good on new TVS. Try playing a PS2 on a HDTV and all you will see a jaggies every where.

Emulate the PS2 game on PC in 1080p problem solved. 4K TVS role out, emulate the game in 4k Problem solved.

Console BC is a joke and in reality unfeasible. The only way BC can be had is to get a PC, buy all multiplats on it. Buy a console for its exclusives.

As of today PC can emulate literally any console ever released asides the PS3 and Xbox 360.

SolidStoner2064d ago

I bet he can sell this thing with huge profit!!!

he should make another one and try to sell it!!!

reynod2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Not to take anything away from this guy, Its obvious hes done a lot of work on this.

However my observations are:

1. The controller is darn cluncky, doesnt look fun to play with at all.

2. The console hardware within that box is 30 years old, anything can fail at any time. So much effort for an unreliable machine, doesnt make much sense.

3. Its a huge box moving it around can take an effort and may actually damage something in it.

4. Cost, it cost 700GBP to make that abomination of a box plus many man hours.

It would just be best to get a PC. Emulate all those consoles. 700GBP would equal a pretty high end PC. Play with a modern controller like the DS3, Xbox 360. Not to mention the PC hardware will be new hence will be able to play current games too. Lets not even mention current games bought are cheaper than the ones available on current consoles, or the fact they are then yours to keep for a very very long time hence no needing to be looking for such solutions in the future to begin with.

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ATi_Elite2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

Very Cool but I'll stick with my PC and all the Game Emulators on it which also has a WiiU, Arcade, and PS3 emulator!

Toolster2064d ago

What tosh, he didn't come up with the overlay idea, colecovision had that idea back in 1982! Don't take credit for others work.

I also hope you have a fire extinguisher on standby

Toolster2064d ago

Lol at disagree, it's fact

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MultiConsoleGamer2065d ago

Looks like a serious fire hazard.

GamersRulz2065d ago ShowReplies(2)
Eyeco2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

GamersRulz couldn't resist, everyone was thinking it.

no_more_heroes2065d ago

I have a cousin who is making a pc-ps3-360 all-in-one console, but this is just nuts!

By the way, the title songs remind me of MC Kids.

Neonridr2065d ago

Very impressive. To be able to create all those game cartridges to act as controller boards for the various controllers is incredible. Good work.

Ron_Danger2065d ago

His girlfriend must be so proud of him!

Ron_Danger2065d ago


And sorry about earlier... I didn't get the memo that stereotypical sarcastic jokes about gamers and programmers are no longer allowed on the Internet.

Heisenburger2065d ago

Your girlfriend is disappointed.

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