Free Radical releases Haze shots, crazy dev vid

Ubisoft and Free Radical have released a handful of new Haze shots, in the run-up to the game's re-re-confirmed release on Playstation 3 in May.

CVG has responded to these new images quote, "We'd love to say it's looking better - and we would, except it looks like someone's gone to town on these new shots with a copy of Photoshop."

We will have to wait for an official statement from Free Radical an see how they respond to these allegations before we pass judgement.

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jwatt3693d ago

I know alot of people weren't impressed with Haze but you must admit these screenshots look alot better than the older build.

Creepa at GameManx3693d ago

PS3: Its 2008 beachez, bow down and kiss the pumas

MURKERR3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

been photoshopped alot of people will be eating humble pie including me

noone really knows the true power of the ps3 so these could be actual images

gran turismo can do it so its not entirely impossible

but personally it does look alittle touched up to me

skynidas3692d ago

Yep i agree with you mate

Lifendz3692d ago

Almost at a Killzone level of pretty. Good job Free Radical.

Meno3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

Creepa, I have a 60 gig ps3, I camped to get it day 1, I'm a fanboy, and yet you spitting propoganda still aggrivates me. Go into the open zone and hoist your sorry fanboy flag there, you make the rest of us look bad.

On topic - I'm still looking forward to this game. I don't know that it'll get all the attention it deserves as I'll be playing and replaying MGS4 for at least 2 or 3 months, and then there's, well, everything else that makes this a big year for Sony, but I will still give Free Radical some love.

jiinn3692d ago

"We'd love to say it's looking better - and we would, except it looks like someone's gone to town on these new shots with a copy of Photoshop."

Here's your reason.

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sonarus3693d ago

it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see those screens were touched up. It happens more often than not so there is no need to act surprised. Haze visuals have always seemed a bit inconsistent. Looking crazy nice here and rubbish there, so its hard to judge the games visuals without mediocre. overall i would say halo visuals should be just about right. Not to bad but not WOW.
The story mode with 4p coop could still be fun and if the multiplayer is succesful, it could be a great hit

jiinn3692d ago

Somehow I doubt you'd be in here saying such things had these not been *another* example of Bulllshots from a Sony Exclusive.

Blademask3692d ago

Put up, or shut the hell up. No one is interested in your lame ass behind the scenes videos with 10 year old footage and bullshots.

You wouldn't have to convince people Haze was so good, if it was actually good.

SUP3R3692d ago

You don't have a PS3 and you're not buying HAZE.
I'm trying to find your point and purpose here and so far there's none.
In that case you should just be quiet cuz HAZE has nothing to do with you.

Blademask3692d ago

I think you are thinking bloodmask. Or Bladestar...

Ghoul3692d ago

i am, i respect free radical as a dev, they made very good games in the past, and im looking forward to haze wich looks in my eyes very cool because of the gimmicks backstory and universe they created. I just hope they manage to keep that ironic storytelling on current politica situations world wide through the game.

A game doesnt need to be the next-uber-3d-hardcore-engine-e ye-popping-effects-galore-super -graphix.
for me i think haze looks great and if they manage to deliver 15 hours of actual gameplay and story gears can kiss my ....

don't get me wrong gears was awesome but criminally short and awefull storytelling (story was good but bad delivered)

Meno3692d ago

Odd, I've actually enjoyed hearing from the dev's as the game progresses. Of course they will lay on the praise, but it is nice to see them trying to be a part of the community.

jiinn3692d ago

"for me i think haze looks great and if they manage to deliver 15 hours of actual gameplay and story gears can kiss my"


Because there is a snowball's chance in Hell that Gears of War 2 will *NOT* be the best Shooter of the Year.

jessupj3692d ago

I look at your comments and there are all very very bias. KZ2 and Rez2 have a very good chance at being the years best shooter. But do you mention them? No. You're comments can't be taken seriously.

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xplosneer3692d ago

If the pictures aren't shopped, then they definitely got a lot better with the distancing and particle effects, but the trees/flora still need some hefty work.

games4fun3692d ago

those pics are that good but i dont live in a fairy world

on a sidenote: if they were real and they delivered i will make sure to buy there game and have some that humblepie everyone keeps talkin about

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