Take-Two Conference Call May Reveal New Info on GTA 5 and XCOM

GR - "Fans hoping for news on Grand Theft Auto 5 may have something to look forward to with T2's conference call in May."

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Prcko1705d ago

i doubt,but you never know :)

irepbtown1705d ago

I really hope we get some new info... I'm dying here!

Hydrolex1705d ago

I just want it for PC...

Hanif-8761705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

I just hope that it comes to the PS4. The more platforms the better.. its practically the only game left why i'm hanging on to my current generation consoles.

ShabbaRanks1705d ago

Yup same here GTA5 and the TheLastOfUs are the only games I really want... I got this feeling that GTA5 will come to PS4, but probably not at the same time as on PS3.

Now will I wait for the better version and maybe die of anticipation or just give in and play it on PS3 lol

animegamingnerd1705d ago

this is why i am going to get the PS4 and maybe the 720 until like a year cause of there is more games on current gen consoles that i am more looking forward to

Nafon1703d ago

too bad PS4 doesnt have backwards compatibility.

MultiConsoleGamer1705d ago

September feels like its years away...

FarCryLover1821705d ago

I wish 2k would give me a time machine so I can go get GTA and come back to the present with GTA in hand.

Jumper091705d ago

A conference call is not going to reveal infos about a game

BattleReach1705d ago

Trailer next week, more info next,month.

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