Explaining The Ending Of BioShock Infinite

We break down the complex ending to BioShock Infinite in this detailed synposis. From Elizabeth's ability to create tears to the role of the Luteces, everything is explained here.

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joab7772040d ago

Great explanation.The other possibility that splits is this in simple terms. The infinite universe will reject any paradoxical loops, essentialy replacing it with the original. Now when booker is drown it creates a loop in which everything begins anew. This is one possibility when he opens the door...anna is in there and it begins again (though some hav mentioned that the alcohol and gambling notes on the desk r gone. The other is that by bekng drown , all possibilities after that are rejected going back to booker and anna but without the threat of robert. There r questions though. If the stuff on the desk is gone, is this the the rejection eliminating any possibility that history could repeat. And then there is this...elizabeth disappears at the end...all of her except the original. Is she special. Does her unique circumstance put her outside everything? Does she exist alonhside anna in a state simikar to the luteces? I keep playing and keep seeing more and mire. And thanks to all the brilliant work done on this by others. I can't wait for dlc b/c I know Levine is loving all this.

maxcon2040d ago

Just finished the game, and I'm still taking it all in, but is it not to debatable as to whether or not the "original" Elizabeth disappears? I mean, sure, we don't see it, but it seems to be heavily implied.

joab7772040d ago

True but she is special. Anyway I just got to the part in the lutece's house and notuced something. Elizabeth says that lady comstock and her spirit were brought through but she says she doesn't belong as if she is a reflection. Could it be thatboolers wife never died and was actually taken by comstock. Now, like booker and the quote at the beginning, when she crosses over memories are erased and where there are could just b in reference to the creature which I will need answer to. Where does it come from?