Crispy Gamer: Lost Odyssey Review

Crispy Gamer writes: "If you don't enjoy JRPGs, let me assure you that the two or three minutes it would take you to read this review would be better spent doing something else like making a sandwich or petting a kitten, because no matter how much I praise Lost Odyssey for its rich story or intensely beautiful graphics, you're not going to want to play it. Trust me. Everything you hate about JRPGs, it does, and then some, so just go amuse yourself for a few minutes while I talk to these other folks, ok? Thanks.

Lost Odyssey is the latest grandiose RPG from Mistwalker Studios, the folks who brought you Blue Dragon and, in a previous life, the Final Fantasy games. The lineage shows in Lost Odyssey's artistry, its scope, and above all, its adherence to certain well-worn tenets of the Japanese RPG tradition. The women are pretty, the men are prettier, and lots of people carry alarmingly large swords. Though it never strays terribly far from the path laid down by its forebears, Lost Odyssey wanders just far enough away to keep from being stale and to prevent you from ever being too comfortable."

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