The Daily Five: 5 Females That Deserve Leading Roles

"Games are filled with compelling characters, and the gap between positive male and females portrayals is finally decreasing. However, there are still many great female characters that are relegated to support roles, all while some guy gets to do all of the best and most interesting things." - Joe Garcia

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thewant1648d ago

Zelda + The Boss?! I'm glad you added those two. The list seem excellent.

kratos1231648d ago

Final fantasy lightning.........
Lol i kid she deserved to disapear a long time ago.
But instead we get more sequels

Also good list

Mouktouk1648d ago

I'd definitely buy a Metal Gear game starring The Boss. She's one of my favorite MGS characters, with Sniper Wolf and Fortune. She has such strong charisma and great background story, really great character.

Myst1648d ago

It's surprising Kojima hasn't done anything with The Boss to let us play her.

_QQ_1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

The boss is the only one i would play, please Nintendo don't ever make zelda the main character in any main LOZ entry.

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