7 Current Gen Games Harder Than Dark Souls

NowGamer: Is Dark Souls this gen's toughest game? Here are seven that qualify as even tougher than From Software's classic…

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NastyLeftHook02067d ago

those maneaters in demons souls(no arrow trick) on black world tendency was awesome and difficult. but i love that game.

TimmyShire2067d ago

Ugh, those Maneaters were the worst.

And the whole of 5-2 - boss was easy but that swamp... man...

Nevers2067d ago

I just thought the whole concept of Tendencies was the most difficult thing about Demon's Souls to wrap my mind around. Once I got it, I got it... but, man, it took a while, lol.

TimmyShire2067d ago

To be honest I found Demon's Souls harder than Dark Souls. Maybe that's just me though.

MestreRothN4G2067d ago

Flamelurker alone is harder than all Dark Souls together.

Swiggins2067d ago

Flamelurker is extremely easy if you know what you're doing, hell his pathfinding is pathetic, if you have a bow or magic and can stand behind some of the bones he'll just stand there and take it.

Old King Allant on the other hand...nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

NegativeCreepWA2067d ago

Sticky White Stuff is all you need to make it a breeze. I was stuck on him until I figured that out.

MestreRothN4G2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

I played the hell out of Demon's Souls. My favorite game of all time, actually. I kind of know how to beat him out of skill on melee and ranged magic strategies.

My point is: it is hard if you don't glitch him as Swiggins suggested (any game is easy if you will cheat!) and even if you use strong buffed gear.

He brings the old cliche "I am dying, therefore I am stronger" to a nice derivative "I am dying, therefore I am overagressive", giving you almost no time for healing/breathing/blinking.

Still... Never feels cheap.

bluetoto2067d ago


"Old King Allant on the other hand...nowhere to run, nowhere to hide."

You can beat OKA without ever laying a hand on him or taking any damage if you use the poison cloud spell and the thief ring.


Flamelurker is a puppy if you use sticky white stuff and attack him from behind(like many of DS's A.I.) after avoiding his 1-2 combo.

What swiggins described isn't cheating as many of the A.I in DS will just stand there allowing you to deplete their health, especially if you are wearing the thief ring.

waaay too many players see what they what they want to see when playing the souls series...

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brish2067d ago

Which ever one you play first is the hardest.

CrescentFang2067d ago

Finally... since NG3 was failure (in most eyes) no one actually played on Hard, Master Ninja or Ultimate Ninja... the game is insanely hard (more like cheap and unfair).
Ikaruga is technically an old game and same with the DMC games...
Catherine is pretty hard if you are playing are Hard and want to get Gold.

Skate-AK2066d ago

I tried to play NG3 on hard but the framerate would drop to basically unplayable levels.

harrisk9542067d ago

Catherine was a bit*h! It was hard, even on "Normal" difficulty.

Captain Qwark 92067d ago

i still cant beat the last level on meatboy :/ i destroyed dark souls lol demon souls was way harder. NG3 is just cheap not hard. there is a difference. Demon, dark, meatboy, etc. those are legitimate hard games that can be conquered with skill. NG just uses rocket enemies everywhere

Hanso2067d ago

I still didnt bought Dark Souls yet but im planning now because that DS 2 Video got me hyped up a lot.
Why is Dark Souls easier compared to Demon Souls?
I hear that a lot and im just wondering

I loved Demon Souls :D

Swiggins2067d ago

The difficulty of the souls games is really all relative.

Qwark probably found Dark Souls much easier because his experience from Demons Souls transferred over.

I on the other hand played Dark Souls first and then breezed through Demons Souls.

That said, there are some differences in bosses and environments. I believe that Demons Souls had the harder levels, with special mention going to Level 5. However I believe the bosses in Dark Souls were harder.

Captain Qwark 92067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

well in my opinion, the bonfires made a huuuuuge impact. where demon souls was broken into levels and the only time you could really progress was to beat the whole level in one shot or open a shortcut. you could get tons of grass which helped but overall, progressing through a level in demon souls was far more difficult. it took me hours to finish the first level in demon souls. i only got stuck twice in dark souls and that was the spider boss and ornstein and smough ( they are brutal fyi ).

dont get me wrong though, i actually prefer dark souls to demon souls. i loved the whole connected world and the bonfires, while making it slightly easier, made the flow of the game much better and much more rewarding. neither is a walk in the park but id give the difficulty to demon souls but the overall to dark souls. either way, both are 10's and the best games this gen

also death itself, being dead in demon souls made much more of a negative impact than being undead in dark souls. i actually played the bulk of dark souls undead, only going human when i needed help on a boss which was only the two i mentioned above ( orn and sm i had to beat solo anyway though because i ran out of humanity trying lol )

also i played Dark as a mixed bag too. in demon i went all warrior but in dark souls i did warrior, magic, and dabbled a bit in miracles

joab7772067d ago

I finished bioshock and searched for something that sparked my is dark souls. I downloaded it and I am ready. I am actually so hyped to play it. I also think that the ds2 gameplay at ign got me pumped. I also gotta get dragons dogma expansion.

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