The Too Human Side of Denis Dyack, Part 3

Crispy Gamer tracked down Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack post-GDC to get details about the development of Too Human and more; read on for the conclusion of Crispy Gamer's interview.

Crispy Gamer: Obviously the Xbox 360 is doing quite well as a platform, but what do you think of the PlayStation 3?

Dyack: I think it's really picking up momentum, and it's probably going to get a strong establishment in parts of Europe. I think the whole market right now is really, really difficult to quantize with regard to who is doing what and where. The Wii is continuing to sell really well -- but the number of games and attach rates... Microsoft and the Xbox 360 have the best attach rates; that means a lot to third parties. Sony, I think, is getting fantastic momentum right now, and I think it was desperately needed. I have no idea where it's going to play out or how it's going to be. The brand name of Sony is very, very strong. Nintendo is coming out of the gate better than anyone had anticipated and still selling like wildfire. I think we have a very interesting console race, and I try to stay pretty much as neutral as possible on these things; I think they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

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DarkSniper3693d ago

Denis Dyack is well aware of the strong sales of PLAYSTATION® 3. The article itself can be translated into Mr. Dyack going into deep regret in developing this game exclusively for XBox 360. With XBOX 360 getting pummeled in all major continents, it's obvious he feels there is no incentive to develop this game on a console that is on a sharp decline.

Once Too Human began XBOX 360 development, the quality of this game has been below average, bland, and has stagnated through it's length of development time. Dark Sniper and his Sony Snipers will be more than happy to welcome you back to making Too Human the quality product it originally intended to be when it was being developed on Playstation 1.


iAmPS33693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Spot On comment my friend Dark!!!!

The decline of the 360 as the first choice for video gaming is going to translate in a huge loss of opportunities for many and many developers.

I am not saying they are not gonna make money, but they are losing the chance to make much, much, much more money with the PS3.

Not even mentioning the fact that the PS3 power can turn any average Joe game into a stunning/impressive piece of art.

BOTS can dream on playing native 1080p 60fps, that is just for PS3 owners.

May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!

InYourMom3693d ago

Does anyone actually take anything DarkDiaper says seriously any more?

I guess stupidity is a biproduct of arrogance.

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mintaro3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

had no idea he worked on MGS, now im really looking forward for too human

SUP3R3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

If you want your games to sell worldwide you have to go with the Playstation 3. If you're just focusing on the US, you got with Xbox 360....for now.

InYourMom3693d ago

Japan sure. The rest of the world no.

Z F1GHT3RS3693d ago

we all know that the 360 has got the biggest attach rate of the next generation. and the xbox 360 is the only next gen consol to have more than 1 game that has sold over 5 million. so yer games do sell better on ps3(sarcazam).

jiinn3693d ago

This is going to be such a great game. I cant wait.