The best & worst of gaming’s potential, via Bioshock Infinite

Luke Kemp writies: Although it’s not the flawless masterpiece that PR lapdogs say it is, Bioshock Inifinite is a brilliant game that you should buy if you can. This piece was originally going to be a counterweight to the relentless gushing praise found in most reviews; but lately, the game has suffered something of a (largely undeserved) backlash from a vocal minority. That in itself is partly what pushed this article in a new direction. You see, when viewed from the right angle, the latest Bioshock game is a perfect example of the powerful contradictions that sit side-by-side within developers, critics, and consumers alike.

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scruffy_bear2073d ago

A very thought provoking article

hennessey862073d ago

Read and some good points

FreshRevenge2073d ago

Why can't anyone just play a game without overly analyzing it to death? It is a videogame. Simple. You play it and move on to the next game. Why people have to take a game and just beat like a dead horse is beyong me?